Maersk Inland Hub services

A new way to strengthen your supply chain

Your inland supply chain can be quite complicated. From managing vendors, arranging your cargo movement from port to final location to keeping an eye on your business, it’s a complex puzzle.

With our new Inland Hub service, we deliver your containers straight to the agreed inland hub in a single transaction. Along with our global fleet of assets and landside transportation network, you get our local expertise and technologies to track, control and optimise your logistics shipping needs for your business.

To get more information on Maersk Inland Hub, please reach out to your Maersk sales representative.

Maersk Inland Hub services

Why choose Maersk Inland Hub?

Maersk Inland Hub helps address market complexities and provide the flexibility to stay agile from start to finish. Take a look to see how it can benefit your business:

Cost efficiency pictogram
Competitive rates
Access to intermodal capacity and connections to key depots, rail or barge ramps at competitive rates, all in a single transaction.
Control and visibility
Combination of Maersk-operating assets (block trains) and partnership with dedicated vendors, gives you more options to optimise your supply chain, while you are still in control of the first/last mile to your customer’s premises.
Routes and Capacity pictogram
Multiple routes and capacity
We offer multiple routes and numerous fixed departures per week at a consistent capacity to plan your supply chain accordingly.
Flexibility of product choice
Choose between our standard product and priority product. Purchase additional value-added services, such as multi-stops, drop-offs and layovers when you need them.
Environmental Friendly
Cost-effective and environment-friendly
Volume and distance economies make rail and barge transport cheaper. It’s also environmentally friendly due to lower CO2 emission.
planning and control pictogram
Leads to synergies
Achieve significant efficiencies, better planning and control, if your logistics set-up allows for a combination of ocean transportation and Maersk Inland Hub.

How it works?

Maersk Inland Hub is a full container transportation service. We have equipment availability at the depots linked to the rail or barge terminals. We can carry both dry and reefer containers for you, as well as heavy and special cargo.


For exports

On the export side, you need to arrange the first mile with a hauler, who will pick up the container and deliver it to the agreed rail or barge terminal. Maersk will take care of the full transportation until the container reaches the destination.

For imports

On the import side, Maersk will arrange the full transportation till the rail or hub terminal. You can arrange the last mile delivery with an independent hauler, based on your requirements.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Should you have any immediate questions regarding Maersk Inland Hub, please refer to our customer FAQ section. For further queries, contact us and we will get back to you.

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