Maersk Inland Hub

Find convenient connection points in your cargo’s journey.

Moving goods made easier through nearby depots, rail and barge terminals

Supply chains get complicated whenever cargo is transferred from land to ocean or vice versa. Coordinating discharge and arranging collections from the port can become quite a hassle if not handled smoothly.

Maersk Inland Hub makes all this much easier by delivering all your containers arriving from or heading to the seas, straight to an agreed inland facility. These inland facilities can be depots or rail/barge terminals located close to your origin or destination facilities. All you need to do is arrange cargo collection from the facility to your premises.

To learn more about Maersk Inland Hub, please reach out to your Maersk sales representative.

Maersk Inland Hub services

Why Maersk Inland Hub

Maersk Inland Hub delivers your shipments to a convenient inland facility from where you can collect your cargo for its last-mile journey. In addition to its simplicity, here are five ways Maersk Inland Hub benefits you:

Cost efficiency pictogram
Better control and visibility
The combination of Maersk’s fleet of trucks, rail and containers gives you greater control over your supply chain.
Multiple routes and capacity
We offer multiple routes and numerous fixed departures per week at a consistent capacity to help you maintain uninterrupted movement across your supply chain.
Cost-effective and environment-friendly
Inland Hub helps in reducing unnecessary vehicle movement – meaning lower transit costs and CO2 emissions.
Competitive rates
Get access to intermodal capacity and connections to key depots, rail or barge ramps at competitive rates within a single transaction.

How it works

Maersk Inland Hub handles the inland transportation of your cargo from the port to an inland facility (for imports) or from an inland facility to the port (for exports).

Unlike an inland delivery service, Maersk’s Inland Hub does not include the first and last mile haulage.

Unlike an inland delivery service, Maersk’s Inland Hub does not include the first and last-mile haulage.
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