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Keeping up with a dynamic retail landscape requires new paths that lead you to untapped growth opportunities. An agile retail supply chain that optimises stocks while maintaining inventory flow with better visibility and flexibility offers you the competitive edge you need.

Improving efficiencies in the retail sector through digitalisation

The retail industry has to contend with the constant changes in consumer behaviour and demand patterns.

Digitalisation is immensely helpful in cushioning the impact of these changes and in paving the way for the industry’s evolution.

Increased digitalisation in retail supply chains:

  • Catalyses the growth of omnichannel sales
  • Improves response times
  • Helps control costs
  • Streamlines inventory data

Johanna Hainz, Global Head of Retail, delves into how digitalisation helps achieve some of those benefits, thereby simplifying and optimising retail supply chains.

What does the future hold for the Retail industry?

The political and economic uncertainties of the Retail industry along with the changing customer behaviour are leading to continuous disruptions in this sector. Johanna Hainz, Global Vertical Head of Retail explains how retailers can navigate through this change.

Sustainability starts with efficiency

While sustainability continues to be a primary area of concern for every industry, the discussions around this topic for the retail vertical are rather different. One of the primary reasons behind this is that sustainability is viewed as something that can incur additional expenses.

However, the fact is that retailers can easily achieve sustainability by merely building more efficient processes within their supply chains. This can include optimising packaging, choosing better delivery routes, digitising paperwork, cutting down on food loss, and more.

These simple fixes in supply chains can not only help retailers become more efficient but can also enable them with sustainability in the long run.

Watch this interview with Johanna Hainz, Global Head of Retail, to understand this in detail.

Johanna Hainz, Global Head of Retai

Reimagine retail logistics

Access any corner of the world by using our worldwide logistics network. Improve the resiliency of your retail supply chain and experience a high level of flexibility through integrated logistics solutions. Whether we like it or not, retailers live in a world of uncertainties and preparation is key. The integration of ocean and logistics services provides a unique advantage that allows us the flexibility to tailor solutions to your needs in form of both single products or product bundles including ocean, rail, truck or airfreight services.

Reimagine resilience with Warehousing & Distribution solutions

The warehousing & distribution component of landside supply chains is increasingly the best control valve for the flow of goods to regional distribution centres, stores and consumers as businesses seek to improve their competitiveness, inventory management and consumer experience.

Reimagine resilience

Reimagine simplicity with integrated Inland Transportation solutions

Your cargo’s journey neither begins nor ends at the port. That’s why, we have our end-to-end shipping solutions to ensure your supply chain performs like clockwork. Transport kitchen appliances, fashion apparel, or furniture from manufactory to your store door or final distribution centre with one point of contact.

Reimagine simplicity

Reimagine visibility with Supply Chain Management solutions

Gain superior visibility of your products’ journey on purchase order or SKU level and unleash your full business potential. Integrate data, processes, and businesses to orchestrate your upstream and downstream operations with greater simplicity. Thereby gaining control to make agile decisions on the move to maximise efficiency and minimise overheads, even if your cargo is already in transit.

Reimagine visibility

Reimagine compliance with Maersk Customs Services

Timely approvals, compliance certificates and ever-changing regulations make customs clearances a challenging business requirement. Make your supply chain unstoppable by combining leading digital solutions and trade consulting.

Reimagine compliance

Your way to supply chain resilience

Retail is at a stage where it needs to constantly evolve and innovate to achieve the end goal of having a happy consumer-base – and this involves being as a partner who caters to all demands and provides flexibility.

Retail Supply Chain resilience

Retail is no longer just about accessibility, but about frictionless shopping experience, both online and offline.

Perspectives on Retail and Consumer Goods
No7, Winter 2018-2019

Automation in Retail - Preparing for the future of work: The winners in the sector will be those who understand the implications and act quickly to respond to them.

Steven Begley
McKinsey & Company, Retail Practice

The changing shape of E-commerce Logistics

With millions of consumers switching online amidst stay-at-home measures and the forced closure of non-essential stores, retailers have had to pivot their logistics to meet the extraordinary rise in e-commerce demand. However, the impact of COVID-19 has made e-commerce logistics more complex than ever before with even the most established online retailers being pushed to the limit.

In this report that you can get access to below, we examine COVID-19’s impact on e-commerce logistics and interview Martin Holme, Maersk Global Head of Supply Chain Management and E-commerce Logistics and Christoph Stork, Maersk Global Managing Director of E-commerce Logistics to explore what it means for supply chains now, and in the future.

Together, we can build a more reliable retail supply chain

Tap into our retail expertise and let us work together to improve the resiliency of your supply chain. Experience a high level of flexibility through our unique combination of ocean and logistics services and shape your supply chain the way you want it – to deliver.

Here’s how Maersk’s retail logistics solutions will help you to deliver the right product to the right location at the right time.

Adapt to demand fluctuation with supply chain automation

Watch the Economist mini-documentary to discover how.

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