Consumer demand is changing and growing more than ever before. The rapid increase in sales figures means there is constant flow of inventory. That said, this flow is hypersensitive to change, due to both – internal and external factors.

Therefore, a flexible logistics solution is key to keep up with these fluctuations – be it for physical stores or online channels. One of the tools that is immensely helping retailers bring that flexibility to life is supply chain automation.

Automation maximises efficiency and minimises errors caused by manual intervention and is radically changing retail supply chains as you read this. But today, supply chain automation is capable of doing much more than that.

Today, the role of automation is shifting from just helping retailers stick to their plans to enabling them to constantly adapt to fluctuations. This fluidity to go beyond plans incline them to take on opportunities in dynamic markets.

In this video made in collaboration with the Economist, you’ll hear from both – Macy’s and Maersk, who are celebrating their 25-year partnership of delivering exceptional consumer experiences – how automation allows visibility and agility to pave the path to the future of supply chains.

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