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Get unprecedented control over your end-to-end supply chain.

Control, visibility, efficiency – from start to finish

Supply chains can be complicated. That’s why we have designed our Supply Chain Management (SCM) services to help cater to your logistics complexities. Our local expertise along with our global infrastructure provides you with a strong supply chain backbone that will help you grow your business and exceed customer expectations.

The broad range of value added capabilities provided under the SCM services can help achieve your business objectives with reliability, speed, agility, resilience, cost efficiencies and sustainability. Our expert supply chain teams can handle your logistics process, allowing you more time to concentrate on your core business.

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Connecting and simplifying global supply chains

We have innovated our supply chain management solutions to enable our customers to stay ahead every time. Maersk SCM solutions combine shipment data and stakeholder management systems to streamline your logistics end-to-end. The solutions are digitally enabled by modern technology platforms making supply chains simpler and better connected all the way. Here’s how it works:

End-to-end services for your unique business needs

Your business is like no other. Supply Chain Management gives you an intricate ecosystem designed to make your supply chain work exactly like you want it to. Maersk SCM gives you a set of tools to continuously improve, digitise and optimise your global supply chain while actively managing exceptions.


Global partner with local solutions

Our global and local know-how helps improve your supply chain while keeping your overall goals in mind.


Navigate through complexities of businesses and supply chains comfortably with our well-fitted solutions.
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Supply chain connector

We offer solutions as an integrator of container logistics, that handles every step in your logistics on your behalf.

Visibility and actionable insights

We create and manage just-in-time supply chains with visibility, enabling you to speed up or slow down as per the need.
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Enhanced continuity

Faster and smoother handling of exceptions. This ensures constant movement of your cargo – even when the unexpected happens.
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A trusted partner

We foster partnerships with our customers by building in-house solutions and strategic alliances.


In an increasingly complex world, keeping track of all your shipments around the world is not simple. The right tools can make it easier.

MyMaerskSupplychain was developed to save you time, enabling you to manage your entire supply chain whenever necessary. The interactive SCM dashboard can help you control, manage and monitor your supply chains in just a few clicks.

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Leading the way to future-ready supply chains

A.P. Moller-Maersk was recognized as a Leader in 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Third-party Logistics, Worldwide for the third time in a row.

For more details on why we think A. P. Moller-Maersk was named a Leader yet again and what it means for your business, read our latest piece.

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A great starting point to digitally optimising your supply chain

Just-in-time strategies are not enough to respond to changing customer preferences and market changes. The future of supply chain management is in building resilience with an omni channel presence that is digitally connected. Gain insight on how resilient and flexible supply chains are changing the pace of business with a recap on our webinar ‘Harness the power of optimisation with supply chain digitisation’.

More visibility to clear supplier compliance hurdles

As a company grows, sourcing becomes a make or break area in its path to success. Monitoring, evaluating and assessing suppliers from multiple sources can weigh on their overall goals. Here’s how we helped a global lifestyle brand standardise their supply chain processes to monitor and help keep suppliers’ activities under control and aid in global expansion ambitions.

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Timely deliveries of essential goods with our comprehensive logistics capabilities

In the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, a customer had to export PPE equipment from China to the US market quickly. The lead time of the orders had to be substantially shortened to meet growing demand. Here’s how we helped the retailer reduce lead times on PPE shipments with our Supply Chain Management solution and deliver the required cargo on time.

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Revamping a customer’s supply chain plan for immediate positive results

A leading online retailer was facing management issues in their supply chain. They were spending an increasing amount of time coordinating suppliers and managing their logistics activities. Working closely with the customer, Maersk’s team of experts evaluated the customer’s logistics process to spot the critical areas of concern and churn out positive changes within a short period.

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