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Bringing your materials, components and products to your network of vendors.

Our 5200 strong supply chain management team uses local expertise, sophisticated computing and global reach to revolutionize your supply chain.

Your business is like no other

Supply chain management gives you an intricate ecosystem that you can leverage for a competitive advantage.

How does supply chain management work?

Our team becomes an extension of yours, living your strategy and maintaining your operational excellence abroad. We plan, execute, and optimize the flow of your cargo, documents, and information.

supply chain management

Why supply chain management

Our supply chain management team can help you achieve your strategic, business and operational goals by enhancing:
Machine programmer
Less complexity

We handle sourcing locations and destination markets by synchronizing all your stakeholders.

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Control and flexibility

We create and manage just-in-time supply chains with visibility, enabling you to speed up or slow down flows as per the need.

Control and flexibility
Enhanced continuity

We resolve exceptions quickly to ensure that your goods keep moving - during peak season, holidays and especially when the unexpected happens.

Full access to our easy-to-use supply chain management dashboard

A friendly solution that helps you handle logistics management in an increasingly complex world.

Going all the way together

See how HP Inc. has gone all the way with Maersk to connect its global supply chain and bring its portfolio of technology products and services to people worldwide in a timely, efficient and competitive way.

Rod Degesero - Global Director for Procurement & Partner Management, Hewlett-Packard Company

Breaking down the layers of Party Logistics

As the debate between the different “PL” or party logistics continues, it may often get confusing to differentiate the various levels. Outsourcing logistics operations is essential for FMCG companies. An-in-house logistics department may be cost-effective but takes away time and focus from your main priority – your business.

The right PL can help simplify your supply chain, lower costs and overcome coordination and visibility challenges. Here, we are taking the example of a dairy producer, Jake, to see how the different PLs impact his supply chain:

Party logistics

Proven solutions in a culture of continuous improvement

Our customers choose our supply chain management for our global reach, our proven processes, and our ability to turn a problem into a success story.

Our data-driven approach to measuring performance allows us to demonstrate our culture of continuous improvement in all our valued customer relationships.

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