Global Supply Chain Management

Get unprecedented control over your end-to-end supply chain.

Building solutions that meet your diverse business needs

As a Maersk SCM customer, you can get your global supply chain in sync by letting us handle the movement of goods from production to distribution to their final destinations. Moreover, the integrated supply chain management technology also allows us to tailor our services whenever you need it. We meet your needs and go beyond, taking care of your cargo and data flows.

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Who are we? Supply Chain Management by Maersk

Global presence, local expert

Our team of over 5,200 members work out of 158 locations, servicing nearly 200 global customers and with over 20,000 suppliers. In 2019, our SCM volume was around 72 million CBM.

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Managing your supply chain on three fronts

Data Management

Technology to maximise your supply chain with flexible solutions that fits your budget and needs.

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Logistics visibility

A multi-enterprise network connecting all stakeholders and displaying the status of your supply chain from end to end.

Inventory optimisation

Optimise materials and finished goods at all stocking echelons while improving customer service and operating efficiencies.
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Inventory collaboration

Gain multi-tier visibility into materials, manage exceptions and meet customer demands consistently
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Document management:

Complete trade documents are collected and transmitted on-time to destination; ensure all carrier-filing are completed in a compliant way
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Order collaboration

Collaborate with suppliers to automate procure-to-pay processes and streamline workflows
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EDI/API integration

Data interchanges in formats and frequencies as required by customers
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Demand sensing

Create accurate near-term forecasts that reflect current market realities

Stakeholder Management

Visibility to link with your logistics stakeholders to recognise issues and plan cost-effective SCM solutions.

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Supplier management

Collaborate with suppliers in every step for seamless flow of cargo, information and documents
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Carrier management

Track and drive carriers' performance to secure a satisfying service level for customers
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Customer KPI excellence

Provide KPIs that help customers manage and optimize their business
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Performance reviews

Conduct regular business review and continuously drive for improvement

Shipment Management

Integration capabilities to monitor and manage orders, right from order generation until delivery.

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Booking management

Taking and validating suppliers' booking through an automated online platform
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Labelling and scanning

Label printing, affixing, monitoring and data validation
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Shipment planning

Dynamic shipment planning helps customers to optimize shipping mode, route and schedule
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Loading plan

Optimise customer's transportation cost through carefully planned loading and consolidation
Garments on hanger

Garments-on-hanger handling

Provide tailored Garment-on-hanger services to meet customers' specific business needs

Destination services

Comprehensive destination services for efficient handover and end-to-end control

Quality checks

Customised cargo inspection as per customers' requirements

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