Supply Chain Management

Bring your world together with proven supply chain management solutions.

Supply chain management services

We use an integrated technology platform to give you rigorous supply chain management services, and we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Supply chain management delivers value to your business every day

Supply chain management brings logistical activities and data together, turning these into strategic, growth-enabling tools.

  • Leverage opportunities in shifting demand to grow your markets in an ever-evolving sourcing environment.
  • Create forecasts easily by analyzing volumes moving through your supply chain.
  • Adjust the level of service to maximize and balance your supply chain’s overall costs.
  • Get access to our global team of experts, who proactively support you with resolution management no matter the circumstances.
Supply Chain Management from Maersk

Building solutions that meet your diverse business needs

Your cargo

Manage bookings and plan shipments while saving on transportation, auditing and the digitisation of all trade documents. With Maersk, we keep your cargo visible and on the move.

Your data

Supply chain management brings data on to a single platform; one that uses both descriptive and prescriptive analysis. Our digital products maximize efficiency and control.

Your partners and participants

We help you bring out the best in your vendors. In addition, we manage your carrier’s allocations plans, ensuring unwavering accuracy.

Your business

Our account management team works closely by your side. We endeavour to understand your vision and give you the strategic advantage. Life is easier with Maersk, as we cover:

  • Your communication needs
  • Escalation
  • Risk and change management
  • Integration of IT systems
  • Documentation to measure performance from day one.

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