Maersk NeoNav™

Your complete supply chain management solution.

Our 4PL experts handle and optimise your end-to-end supply chain

Amidst growing competition and rapidly changing market conditions, you need a lead logistics provider to manage your supply chain partners. Maersk’s 4PL logistics services take away the complexity of supply chain from your routine so that you can focus better on your core business.


Visibility is key to create a happy flow of supply chain. Introducing NeoNav™ - the first-of-its-kind solution which covers your physical and digital logistics world to give you end-to-end transparency, control, and decision-making capabilities. Backed by our expert supply chain advice, welcome to a true paradigm shift in the supply chain industry.

Is your supply chain missing something?

Syngenta and Maersk: An eco-system of trust and collaboration

For Syngenta, a leading agriculture company, the goal was two-fold: commit to reducing their carbon footprint and help customers produce food more sustainably. We realised the need to become an integral part of their mission and merge into their eco-system.

Watch this video to know how Maersk helped enable Syngenta’s vision of the future.

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