Navigating Brexit uncertainty together

Ensure your supply chain is prepared for what happens next.

How will Brexit impact your logistics?

Lawmakers from the United Kingdom (UK) and the European Union (EU) shook hands to reach a post-Brexit deal on Christmas Eve last year. However, the agreement is far from complete. Critical portions of the relationship are yet to be chalked out, adding more delays to the Brexit chapter. It is far from ‘business as usual’ with the UK’s departure from the EU set to affect trading and challenge the current status quo. In its current form, the deal may not prevent disruptions on both sides of the English Channel. British exports will be subjected to some border checks, adding to more costs and potential delays at points-of-entry.

The exit may also have longstanding repercussions on the global economy, particularly international trade. Companies will need to embrace an alternate business model post-Brexit, particularly around their supply chains. It is essential to understand what the changes are and how Brexit will impact your business operations. Negotiating with your suppliers and your logistics partners is imperative to avoid high costs and delays given the current economic pressures.

How will Brexit impact your logistics?

Factoring in the impact

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How would border delays impact your business?
Make sure your supply chain is resilient enough to cope with border delays.
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Is your supply chain agile enough for Brexit?
Two-thirds of British businesses had their Brexit preparations disrupted by Covid-19.
Less paper work
Do you know how to handle Brexit’s additional paperwork?
EU customs declarations are set to jump from 235m in 2019 to 400m post Brexit.

While many are uncertain on the full impact of Brexit, our teams are here to help you navigate these unchartered waters. Whether you need guidance on how to keep your stock moving, visibility of your inventory or flexible storage capacity, Maersk are here to help your business.

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