Global Air Freight Transportation

Reduce the cost of transporting your urgent or time critical cargo with our Global Air Freight solutions.

Combine speed with cost savings

Air Freight can reduce the total logistics cost for urgent or time-critical logistical challenges. By combining the speed of air with the cost savings of other modes, you will be able to reduce inventory and improve your service offerings by fast response time at an affordable price. 

Choosing our Air Freight services means that you will benefit from:

  • The most time efficient freight solution for many destinations around the world.
  • Transporting to places where infrastructural limitations make it impossible by other means of transportation.
  • A single focal point with global reach.
  • Inventory costs reduction whilst improving flexibility.
  • Highly reliable arrival and departure times.
  • Our core carrier program ensures uplift at the best possible conditions around the world.
Air Freight

Fly through the speed bumps

Extraordinary situations demand extraordinary solutions, and Maersk Air Freight brings them all in one cohesive offering. Now you can transport your urgent, valuable or one-off cargo without compromising on speed or cost. Click on the video for a fly-through.

No destination is too far now

When you should choose Air Freight

There are many reasons for you to choose Air Freight.

The big product launch

Air Freight can offer qualities as control, guaranteed space, visibility and security, all of which is important to give your product the best start on the market.

Production line down
The production line goes down
If you are in dire need of a crucial part to keep a production line moving, Air Freight will ensure, that you will not miss out on revenue due to a delayed production.
Other freight solutions fail
Air Freight can be a mitigation on lost transit time, making sure your cargo is delivered on time after all.
High value cargo
By choosing our Air Freight service, we offer you less risk for damage, better end to end visibility and control plus faster speed to market, when shipping technology, top end luxury goods or other high value cargo.
Charter Services
Charter services
When your most urgent or large shipments require the exclusive use of an entire aircraft, our fastest possible solution of Air Charter is ready to assist you.

Global Gate Way

We offer differentiating services via our strategically positioned gate ways, avoiding congestions, staying in control, providing visibility at competitive price levels.

  • Enhanced control around ground handling processes, resulting in fast turnaround times.
  • Limit risk of theft and damage by building dedicated Maersk ULD’s.
  • Achieving overall lower cost thanks to multi origin  consolidations.
  • Larger consolidations shipped with our core carriers leads to the highest service priority.
  • Deconsolidation of dedicated ULD’s under own management.
Global gate way
Additionally, Maersk ships point-to-point globally within our network.

Security from start to finish

We care about the safety of your valuable cargo. Maersk Stations are either are TAPA A and/or C-TPAT certified or working on these levels.

  • We prefer to handle cargo physically at our stations.
  • We use the best security and cargo protection.
  • We conduct weight checks at origin + destination.
  • We use CCTV to monitor storage and handling. 
  • We record the ULD build-up with seal & ULD numbers.
  • We use checklists to monitor cargo condition / quantity etc.
C-TPAT and TAPA A Certfied

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