Less-than-Container Load

Even the smallest cargo keeps moving for big impact.

Less is more

You may not always have shipments large enough to occupy an entire standard-sized cargo container, but the great news is that you no longer need to.

Maersk Less-than-Container Load (LCL) service takes care of your small-volume shipment by consolidating it with other shipments, to ensure on-time departures.

At Maersk, we go all the way to ensure that our LCL solutions offer end-to-end flexibility, reliability, transparency and ease of operation.

Enjoy access to over 10,000 trade corridors across the world using our global LCL network of services. Integrate, simplify, and connect your global logistics with a single point of contact.

Size does not matter

Why Maersk LCL?

Our LCL services are designed to simplify your logistics needs reliably and seamlessly, so you pay for and ship only what you need to.


Maersk advantage ensures reliable schedules and seamless movement of your cargo. Maersk advantage comprises:

  • Access to more than 100+ countries and more than 10,000 port-pairs
  • Integrated logistics capability
  • Global network of Maersk-owned assets and equipment so your cargo gets priority with LCL consolidations
Flexibility pictogram


Meet tight deadlines, save on extra costs and gain more flexibility to manage your supply chain.

  • Flexibility to switch transport mode depending on speed and costs
  • Rather than waiting for the entire container to be filled, your LCL shipment departs as soon as it is ready for the journey
  • Predictable lead times/shipments

Ease of use

Access to digital platform ensures easy access to instant online LCL quotes and bookings.

  • Simplified LCL quotes for door-to-door journey
  • Transparent options for speed and cost
  • Multiple product offerings from a single source


An LCL shipment with us never leaves your sight at any point in its journey.

  • Complete track-and-trace ability
  • Visibility of cargo flow and estimated delivery timelines

The Maersk Global LCL Program

The Global LCL program is designed to make your small-volume cargo journey easier by making sure that it keeps going without any stops. To make this happen we bring you our worldwide network of services and teams, multiple stable weekly sailing schedules and reliable transit times.

Maersk’s in-house global LCL network and services connect your product with the entire world, through more than 10,000 trade corridors supported by our globally integrated logistics network, through a single point of contact, simplifying and connecting your global supply chain.

The program offers you:

Reliable and predictable lead times and schedules
Tariff rates
Competitive door to door costs
Flexibility pictogram
Flexibility and improved speed-to-market
back up team
Access to Maersk’s global network of customer service teams
Total cargo visibility from origin to destination
Tailor-made LCL solutions built by experienced LCL ocean freight experts
Access to Maersk’s own LCL consolidation program

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Should you have any immediate questions regarding LCL, please refer to our customer FAQs. For further queries, just contact us – we are happy to help.

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