Less-than-Container Load (LCL)

Do more with Maersk Less-than-Container Load (LCL) solutions.

Less is more

You may not always have ocean shipments large enough to occupy an entire standard-size cargo container. But the great news is that you no longer need to.

Maersk Less-than-Container Load (LCL) takes care of that situation by consolidating your shipment with that of multiple parties before it is moved to the destination.

At Maersk, we go all the way to ensure that our LCL solutions assure you with faster speed-to-market, higher inventory efficiency, and better transparency, from end to end.

Enjoy access to over 10,000 trade corridors across the world using our global LCL network services. Integrate, simplify, and connect your global logistics with a single point of contact.

Size does not matter

Why Maersk LCL?

It’s reliable

Your LCL cargo travels as reliably as your FCL cargo, through our seamlessly connected network of services and Maersk-owned equipment.

LCL Reliable

It’s economical

Maersk LCL lets you ship lower volumes and fulfil orders at a lower cost as compared to air freight. Moreover, this eco-friendlier alternative also helps you meet your CO2 reduction targets.


It’s prompt

You now have the luxury of time to ship it as soon as your cargo ready, either from factory or production. Rather than waiting for the entire container to be filled. This is bound to help your cargo arrive on time.

LCL prompt

It’s lean

Do you lack physical storage capacity to hold large amounts of inventory? Maersk LCL takes away that problem by helping you meet your business growth targets anyway.

LCL lean

It’s flexible

LCL enables customers to ship small orders at a lower cost than air freight, improving speed to market versus waiting to fill a FCL containers and supports the emerging growth of e-commerce.


It’s dependable

Thanks to Maersk LCL, you can plan your shipments better with reliable weekly sailings to and from major world-wide point-pairs. Our LCL experts are here and happy to help you, at all times.


The Maersk Global LCL Program

Our LCL experts at Maersk have set out to make your life easier. Our Global LCL program ensures that our solutions go all the way from port to port and from door to door. This means that you will now get to enjoy multiple stable weekly sailing schedules and reliable transit times, ensuring that your products reach the world on time.

Maersk’s in-house global LCL network & services enables us to connect your product with the entire world, through more than 10,000 trade corridors worldwide supported by our global Ocean network, via one point of entry, simplifying and connecting your global supply chain.

The program offers you:

Reliable and predicable lead times and schedules globally
Agility pictogram
Flexibility and improve speed to market
Total cargo visibility from origin to destination
Access to Maersk own LCL consolidation program
+ 800 weekly direct LCL sailings covering the major global trades and inland points
Tariff rates
Competitive door to door costs
back up team
Access to Maersk Global network of customer service teams to help you
Tailor made LCL solutions built by experienced LCL ocean freight experts

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