Less-than-Container Load

Even the smallest cargo keeps moving for big impact.

How to book Maersk LCL?

On Maersk.com, you can get an instant LCL price and place a booking request.

  1. Route
    1.1. Click Book located at the top of the home page and click on New LCL Booking.
    1.2. Login using your credentials
    1.3. Now, select your service mode
         - Pick up: Maersk picks up your cargo from the specified address. Within 50 km of city limits.
         - Delivery: Maersk delivers your cargo to the specified address. Within 50 km of city limits.
         - Warehouse: Deliver or pick up your cargo at the Maersk warehouse.
    1.4. Search for the cities that you want to ship your cargo from and to.
    1.5. If you have selected pick up or delivery, please specify the addresses for the same.

  2. Date
    2.1. Select your earliest departure date. 
        - For pick up, your cargo must be ready 9 days prior to expected departure.
        - For warehouse, your cargo must be delivered 7 days prior to expected departure.

  3. Package
    3.1. Search for your commodity.
         - No dangerous goods.
    3.2. Select the package type.
         - Must be stackable.
    3.3. Total volume and weight.
         - Max 20 cbm and 10,000 kg.
    3.4. You can add as many packages as you like. Please contact our LCL experts here if you exceed these limitations.

    Once this information is entered, you will be redirected to a web page where you’ll be able to see a selection of dates for cargo pickup and departure times. Select any date that works for you.

  4. Price
    4.1. Select shipper information      
         - If you are the one sending the cargo, keep ’I am the shipper‘ selected. If another party is responsible for the shipment, choose ’Select shipper‘ and search for the shipper.
    4.2. Select your Incoterm.
    4.3. Accept the Terms and conditions.
    4.4. View Price Breakdown one final time.
    4.5. Click 'Request booking'

    You will receive an acknowledgement with all your details. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail within 4 hours with your booking number.

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