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How Pukpip beat customs blocks with Maersk to reinvent frozen snacks

Dive into the riveting tale of Pukpip's battle against customs obstacles, where their partnership with Maersk became the key to unlocking a world of healthy snack innovation.  

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Unraveling Brexit – Navigating customs complexities and finding solutions

Post-Brexit, businesses face intricate challenges with new procedures, higher costs, and compliance issues at the border. The evolving trade landscape demands a well-prepared framework to handle UK trade. Amidst the chaos, there are potential solutions to mitigate Brexit's impact.

Explore how local expertise with global reach can guide businesses through customs complexities, ensuring a seamless supply chain flow. Address customer concerns, streamline customs processes, and overcome ongoing Brexit challenges.

Achieving customs compliance for flawless flower deliveries

The implementation of the IPAFFS in Great Britain has introduced new challenges and delays in the cold storage process, causing friction for UK-based importers. IPAFFS is a robust customs regulation system designed to safeguard the UK from potential threats to human, animal, and plant health. While its intent is commendable, the practical implications have added complexity to the logistics operations, particularly in the flower industry.

Discover in the article how Maersk ensured the timely delivery of fresh flowers, meeting the expectations of customers and UK supermarkets during peak seasons, while remaining compliant with rigorous customs regulations.

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Brexit made easy

Post-Brexit, your business faces a new set of challenges and rulings pertaining to customs clearance. Amongst other things, you need to get a thorough understanding of the new paradigm to navigate the transition from free trade across Europe to a Brexit compliant trade.

Maersk is here to guide you. Last year, we acquired KGH Customs Services, a Sweden-based specialist in trade and customs management services in Europe. Backed by its specialised expertise, deep industry knowledge, and innovative technology, we are ready to help you take on any post-Brexit challenge, whether you need to store your cargo on the continent or move it using road, sea, or air between the UK and the EU.

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UK freeports and how they benefit your supply chain

Do you know the primary benefits of freeports in UK? Maersk Customs Services Sales Manager Adam Lockhart outlines the ways you can use freeports to your business’ advantage and the importance of integrating customs within your logistics operations.

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Accountancy and Vat Consulting

Prerequisites like compliance and clearances must be managed efficiently to ensure seamless movement of your cargo. You need a partner who can help you navigate the complex world of tariff codes, taxes, duties and international trade regulations.

Our specialised team of experts can help you increase efficiency and compliance in your current business in several ways, including evaluating form of incorporation, VAT management and national payroll. And to help you expand your reach to new markets, we help you assess various possibilities for the best possible legal and VAT setup as well as assist you with handling necessary registrations, ensuring everything is correct from the start, all the way. These services are only for companies wanting to expand their business to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, The Netherlands.

Once up and running, we can handle several of your operational needs within accounting, payroll and VAT. And as the business evolves, we can adapt the service offering accordingly to provide advice and support best suited for your business.

Company establishment and tax registration - Support for fast entry to new markets

When expanding into a new country, we can assist you in several ways to reduce lead times while ensuring compliance. We help you assess various opportunities, recommend the best possible legal and VAT setup, and can also take responsibility for handling several of the practicalities that follow. This includes registrations of company and branch, VAT, and employee payroll.

VAT Diagnostics

International VAT can be complex to handle. To ensure compliance and reduce operational risks and costs, it is vital that your VAT reporting and goods flows are aligned. Our VAT Diagnostics service assesses your current situation to identify both risks and possibilities and help you prioritize necessary follow-up actions.

VAT education and workshops

Your VAT management is a cross-functional issue, directly linked to your supply chain and customs handling. Our VAT workshops and education are based on real cases and cover several functions of your business. Everything to ensure you can translate applicable legislation to your own business and recognise its impact on all functional areas. Our trainings are carried out both onsite, and as webinars based on what suits your needs best.

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Accountancy and Vat Services

When you want to expand into new markets, our accounting and VAT services can help you to a fast and efficient establishment of the new company while ensuring compliance. We help you assess various possibilities for the best possible legal and VAT set-up as well as assist you with handling necessary registrations. Once up and running, we can handle several of your operational needs within accounting, payroll and VAT. And as the business grows, we can provide advice and support to help your decision-making.

Our consulting services are only for companies wanting to expand their business to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, and The Netherlands.

The services include:

  • Company establishment and tax registration
  • Bookkeeping and monthly accounts
  • Year-end accounts and reports
  • VAT representation and reporting
  • Payroll administration

Company establishment and tax registration

There are multiple things businesses need to keep in mind, especially when it comes to EU - non-EU trade. We help you reduce lead times while ensuring compliance, assess various opportunities and take responsibility for handling several of the practicalities that follow.

More specifically, we can assist you with:

  • Establishment assessment
  • Analyses of legal and VAT set-up
  • Company and branch registration
  • VAT registration
  • Payroll/employee registration
  • Implementation of company and branch registrations
  • Employee tax set-up
  • Tax registration
  • Insurance and pension policies

Bookkeeping and monthly accounts

Accounting is a key issue to get right from the start, when establishing your business in new markets. For an efficient establishment and compliant daily operations we have both - the resources and knowledge you need. And to help you focus on your core business, we can provide a total service including contact with authorities, submission of your tax returns and periodic summaries.

We can assist you with:

  • On-going bookkeeping for your company
  • Periodic reconciliation of the accounts
  • Accompanying reports and key ratio analyses to your balance sheets and income statements as you require
  • Managing contact with local authorities including acting with power of attorney

Year-end accounts and reports

As the fiscal year comes to an end, everybody involved in accounting knows there’s a lot of work to be done. We understand the pressure, and support you throughout the entire process. Documents relating to required reports are analysed and recorded. If your company has an auditor, we provide complete documentation as a basis for the audit. Furthermore, we help you analyse the results and advise you on matters that might benefit your business. As an authorized accounting consultant, we can also prepare and submit your annual report including the notes and key ratios that are required.

More specifically, we can assist you with:

  • Year-end accounts for limited companies, branches, limited partnerships, partnerships, and sole proprietorships
  • Submission of year-end reports
  • Preparation of annual reports
  • Preparation of income tax returns
  • Review of your accounts and relevant key ratios
  • Analyses of the results and advice on appropriate actions

VAT representation and reporting

As your VAT representative, we act as your agent in contact with the relevant authorities. We compile and control your transactions to ensure correct VAT reporting in accordance with applicable laws.

We can assist you with:

  • European sales list
  • Periodic reports
  • Intrastat
  • Submission of VAT reports
  • Handling of various questions to/from the authorities

Payroll administration

To ensure you don’t have keep track on changing legislation, collective agreements, think about backup staff in the payroll department to cover for holidays or sick leave, we can handle your payroll administration. And to further support your operations, we can manage reporting to relevant authorities and help you with labour law issues.

We can assist you with:

  • Processing, payment and reporting of pay for all types of sector
  • Preparation of travel bills, national and international
  • Holiday processing
  • Benefit calculation, yearly statements and reporting
  • Time reporting

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