Maersk Customs Services in Europe

Tackle European customs securely, effectively and conveniently.

Customs Clearance Services in Europe

Maersk Customs Clearance Services facilitates your freight, ensuring an effortless and secure customs clearance process. Whether you're looking for import or export customs clearance, Maersk can help expedite this process at both the origin and destination.

  • Import Declarations
  • Export Declarations
  • In-Transit Declarations

Global Trade and Customs Consulting services

In the case of an ever-changing landscape in Europe, expert guidance is critical. Our specialised team of experts helps you with in-depth trade analysis, customs and border compliance, and acquiring AEO certification for the status of a trusted trader. Additionally, we have launched digital customs education modules for your internal teams.

Maersk Global Trade and Customs Consulting services include:

  • Consulting and assistance in establishing and maintaining HS Classification and support in Customs Clearance Services
  • Support in acquiring the Authorised Economic Operator Certification and offer Trusted Trader Services
  • Digital customs training platform for internal teams
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Trade and Customs Consulting services in Europe

By leveraging the expertise of our consultants in Europe, you can navigate the complex web of regulations, mitigate risks, streamline your supply chains and capitalise on the opportunities presented by the European market. These consulting services enable you to optimise your trade operations, enhance customs compliance and maintain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving global trade landscape.

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Simplify global trade with Maersk Customs Hub

Maersk Customs Hub — an all-in-one solution streamlining customs processes. Our central team manages third-party customs via a digital platform, offering visibility, reports, analytics, and access to vital documents.

Experience seamless operations, cost reductions, and compliance assurance. Outsource customs handling, refocus on your core business, and boost your bottom line.

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Maersk MyCustoms

MyCustoms is a  simplified online booking and management system for Maersk Customs Services that gives visibility and accuracy of customs stages for your cargo and helps faster clearances of shipments. No matter what the mode of transportation is, you can track your shipment from a personal dashboard.

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Enable efficient operations with Maersk Customs Management

Empower your business with Maersk's dynamic Customs Management software, offering tailored, cloud-based solutions for efficient customs procedures. Seamlessly navigate secure, compliant workflows with user-friendly interfaces and expert functionalities, supported by our exceptional onboarding process.

Exclusively serving businesses in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, our software ensures streamlined customs operations tailored to your needs.

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