Cold Chain Logistics in Europe

Unique needs deserve unique solutions

The future of fresh

As the world looks to Europe for its culinary delights, the one key ingredient that makes it all possible is an unbroken cold chain for fresh produce. And with supply chain disruptions, equipment shortage, rapid climate change and Brexit regulations taking centre stage in the global trade narrative, it has become imperative for your supply chain to have the resilience and flexibility to overcome any unexpected challenges.

That is why Maersk is reinventing cold chain logistics with integrated solutions that complement the Farm to Fork strategy envisioned by the European Union for a sustainable food system, fostering a competitive supply sector and promoting fair trade.

Our e-book explains how the fresh food industry is tackling the challenges and harvesting new opportunities as supply chain conversations shift focus from ‘surplus’ and ‘subsidy’ to ‘greater control’ and ‘security of supply’.

The future of fresh

Unique needs deserve unique solutions

Take control of your supply chain with an integrated suite of cold chain solutions to optimise opportunities and reach newer markets with a global fleet of world-class refrigerated services and deep commodity expertise. Discover the upside of end-to-end logistics across ocean, land and air, and deliver quality without ever compromising on quantity.

  • Efficient inventory management with smart data and visibility tools
  • Real-time tracking and in-transit adjustments on every leg of the cargo journey with Captain Peter™
  • Seamless customs clearance with Maersk Customs Services, together with KGH, at import and export destinations
  • Minimal end-to-end cold chain handovers to reduce the risk of spoilage

Why partner with us?

Cold Stores
Cold store network
Largest temperature-controlled capability with a footprint of 80 owned and partnered cold stores across Europe
Maersk Custom Services
Maersk Customs Services
Together with KGH, we have extensive pan-Europe and global expertise for efficient and compliant customs clearance for perishable cargo.
Cold Stores Truck
End-to-end cold chain solutions
Simplifying deliveries with extensive multi-modal fleets, ports and hinterland hubs in Europe by reducing handovers and seamlessly connecting the different components of your supply chain.
Complete visibility
Reefer monitoring with real-time visibility and centralised solutions by Captain Peters™️ for proactive operational decisions.
Global coverage, local expertise
Dedicated team of reefer specialists to help you prepare your cargo for shipment and discover more optimisation opportunities.

Cold stores

Our growing network of strategically located cold store facilities offers specialised solutions to extend the life cycle of your perishable goods. From speciality pharma cold stores in Poland to fresh fruit and frozen cargo fulfilment facilities in Germany, reach the deep pockets of hinterland distribution and untapped new markets with 80 owned and partnered cold store units in Europe.

Download the detailed map of Maersk and our partner-owned cold stores across Europe.