Cold Chain Logistics in Europe

Unique needs deserve unique solutions.

The future of fresh

As the world looks to Europe for its culinary delights, one key ingredient that makes it all possible is an unbroken cold chain for fresh produce. With freshness and quality the top drivers of customer satisfaction, the traditional food value chain is becoming an ‘always on supply’ network powered by flexible and resilient cold chain logistics solutions, real-time tracing and a commitment to sustainability.

With supply chain disruptions, equipment shortage, rapid climate change and Brexit regulations taking centre stage in the global trade narrative, how do you secure an unbroken cold chain that delivers on the unique needs of your fresh and frozen goods?

With a single point of contact and end-to-end solutions from Maersk, extend the life and quality of your perishable products with the right supply chain conditions where agility, visibility and sustainability play a pivotal role.

Get the key to understanding the current challenges facing cold chains in Europe and see how we help our customers reliably deliver quantity without ever compromising on quality.

The future of fresh

Why partner with us?

As your perishable cargo travels around the globe, the slightest negligence can lead to heavy damages. You need a reliable partner who can seamlessly connect every component of your supply chain and provide you with insightful data to help identify new market opportunities and swiftly transfer your goods with precision care and control.

Improve your cold chain end-to-end visibility

Gaining visibility of the supply chain means having a holistic, end-to-end view of all moving parts, in real-time. That means digitalising every touchpoint from cold store to customs, shipping to last-mile. And on a more granular level, it requires container-specific data, tracking the location and monitoring the temperature in the reefers to ensure your refrigerated cargo maintains its quality throughout the journey. With more visibility and deeper insights, businesses can anticipate and prepare to manage future risks more effectively.

For more predictable journeys

Complete visibility
Reefer monitoring with digital solutions like Captain Peter and process tracking software like TradeLens to mitigate risks of delayed, lost, or stolen bills of lading.
Dedicated RCM operations team
From pick-up to delivery, our trained reefer specialists are available 24/7 to make in-transit adjustments and help you maintain the perfect environment for your cargo.
Inland Connectivity
Our GPS-enabled carriers keep you updated on your cargo’s whereabouts with precise time-in-transit data to help you avoid surprises.

Increase your cold chain agility and resilience

As supply chain conversations shift focus from ‘surplus’ and ‘subsidy’ to ‘greater control’ and ‘security of supply’, you need to adopt dynamic strategies to keep up with volatile demand and unpredictable world events. Our end-to-end cold chain solutions can help you navigate supply chain disruptions with minimal handovers. For perishable cargo, it means precision handling, efficient inventory management, equipment availability and more control that ensures you have the flexibility to make last-minute logistics decisions with ease and reliability.

Flexibility, farm-to-fork

Cold Stores
Cold store network
Largest temperature-controlled capability with a footprint of 80 owned and partnered cold stores across Europe
Maersk Custom Services
Maersk Customs Services
Together with KGH, we have extensive pan-Europe and global expertise for efficient and compliant customs clearance for perishable cargo.
Cold Stores Truck
End-to-end cold chain solutions
Simplifying deliveries with extensive multi-modal fleets, ports and hinterland hubs in Europe by reducing handovers and seamlessly connecting the different components of your supply chain.
Global coverage, local expertise
Dedicated team of reefer specialists to help you prepare your cargo for shipment and discover more optimisation opportunities.
Volume bundling
Value Protect
Protect your cargo against logistics-related risks with extended liability – no hidden costs, no extra paperwork and quick resolution of claims.

Put sustainability at the core of your cold chain

With the climate clock ticking, consumers today notice what a company is doing to reduce their carbon footprint and reward those who embrace sustainable policies. Studies show food loss and waste account for up to 10% of greenhouse gas emissions, and the lack of an effective cold chain is estimated to result in losses of about 13% of total food production. Meet your decarbonisation targets with the help of Maersk’s climate-neutral technology, vessels and fuels to achieve a more sustainable footprint fort your supply chain. We are at the forefront of decarbonising logistics and are determined to meet our 2040 net-zero goals and support your climate commitments, all the way.

Explore our green offerings

Eco delivery
ECO Delivery
One of our most effective solutions to decarbonise ocean logistics. Get instant carbon emissions saving by replacing fossil fuels with low-carbon alternatives.
Emission dashboard
Emission Dashboard
Consolidate your emissions data across all carriers and transport modes and identify loopholes to better tackle your carbon footprint.
Carbon neutral cold stores
Carbon-neutral cold stores
Powered by renewable energy, our ISO certified cold stores are fully compliant with EU Good Distribution Practice (GDP) regulations.

One destination for addressing your unique cold chain needs

Keeping fruits and vegetables fresh from their origin to supermarkets is a highly demanding and complicated process. New challenges crop up every day that need an integrated cold chain solutions partner who understands the reefer business. Catch our cold chain and reefer experts at this year’s biggest reefer event- Fruit Logistica 2023 in Berlin. Let’s share, discuss and begin to collaborate on how to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables, all the way.
Fruit logistica

Cold chain successes: the story so far

We pride ourselves on finding the right solution for every customer we partner with, to deliver refrigerated shipments in optimal condition at the right time . Whether you are entering a new market, need a leaner, more efficient cold supply chain, greater visibility, or a more sustainable, agile solution, we have the logistics capabilities to fit your needs.

See what we’ve done for existing cold chain customers and how we’ve helped them overcome challenges of all kinds, enter new territories with confidence and take their businesses to new heights.

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