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Find local contacts and detailed shipping information, such as routes, demurrage, detention, charges, holidays and cut off times, for your origin or destination.

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The world is a big place. And to tap into global trade, you need local insights at your fingertips. We’re here to give you that with our simplified and integrated logistics solutions, helping you add value to every link of your supply chain.

Be it local information, service routes, or payment details, discover everything here. All the information and market intelligence you need is now just a click away for the below regions:

Local information

Asia Pacific

From India to Vietnam, or China to Australia, you can now move your cargo from hotspots in Asia Pacific to the world with superior ease. Our global scale combined with local insights will help you increase the return of your investments.

We work closely with customers to deliver peerless end-to-end shipping services to our extensive global network.


Leverage our presence in Europe to scale up your business around the world. Headquartered in Denmark and with our APM terminals in The Netherlands, our services are closer to us. With around 40% of intra-EU trade just on sea transport.


Consisting of over 65 countries, the IMEA region is quite dynamic and diverse in trade and economy. Maersk has been actively supporting businesses within the region to grow and expand their reach to their preferred markets of choice.

Use our expertise, knowledge, network and seamless integrated logistics solutions to enhance your operations around the world.

Latin America

Latin America is rich in natural resources. Tap into the potential of the evolving trade and infrastructure of the Latin region with Maersk. With over 15 logistics services to and from this region, we’re here to help you stay connected to the world.

North America

Foreign trade has been boosting the economy of the USA. Grow along that curve by meeting the demands of countries from Argentina to the Bahamas. We’re here to facilitate the flow of your goods with greater efficiency.

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