Cold Chain Logistics in Europe

Unique needs deserve unique solutions.

Unique needs deserve unique solutions

At Maersk, we understand that not all businesses require the same solutions. Whether you need to deliver your Apple across Europe markets, ensure your meat is sold at the right price and time in Asia, or guarantee the freshness of your grapes throughout their journey from farm to shelf, we always have a customised solution for you.

Our cold chain solutions are built on our comprehensive ocean and logistics offerings and provide ease and predictability when transporting your perishables while reducing risks and administrative workloads on your business.

Your expert partner in Europe

Our local expert teams assess your cold chain from end to end, providing you with tailored solutions to serve your unique needs and achieve an unbroken cold chain.

Fruits & Vegetables

A partnership all the way

Discover how our expertise and comprehensive portfolio of integrated cold chain solutions empower you to expand into new markets and foster growth. Explore inspiring stories of the trustful relationships we have built with our customers.

Fish and Seafood

A fruitful partnership spanning two decades

For more than two decades, Daltex and Maersk have developed a unique partnership to deliver optimal quality fresh produce from Daltex’s farms in the hinterlands of Egypt to more than 70 countries around the world.

With the changing supply chain ecosystem and evolving demands for e-commerce, learn how our innovative cold chain solutions helped Daltex to keep up with the market dynamics to meet peak season demands and ensure seamless delivery, all the way.

Petals & procedures

IPAFFS implementation in Great Britain has introduced new challenges for cold storage and importers. While commendable in intent, IPAFFS added logistics complexity, especially for the flower industry.

Flowers demand top-notch service for timely, pristine arrival due to their temperature-sensitive nature. A seamless cold chain journey is crucial to preserve their quality from farm to destination, with peak seasons adding pressure.

Discover how Maersk ensured on-time fresh flower delivery, meeting customer and UK supermarket expectations while complying with rigorous customs regulations.

Different plants in a nursery

Fish & seafood

Fish and seafood need constant monitoring and consistent temperature control that only a connected supply cold chain can solve.

For customer Echebastar – a Spanish tuna fishery – transparency and reliability are crucial to ensure their tuna gets the speciality care it needs. This was made possible through state-of-the-art Super Freezers, and Remote Container Management allowed the fishery to monitor the entire production and supply chain.

We understand what’s at stake when your fresh catch is racing against shelf life, and therefore, the level of care and innovation that goes into protecting your cargo is of paramount importance to us.

Ship docked with lighthouse in background

Pharma & healthcare

Over the past two decades, Bayer and Maersk have jointly worked towards developing a cost-effective, reliable pharmaceutical supply chain that can adapt swiftly to changing needs while ensuring absolute compliance with healthcare regulations.

With sustainability at the heart of this partnership, Maersk was able to ensure customised storage, manufacturing and handling solutions for a range of Bayer’s products with its carbon-neutral warehouse in Poland that generates 20% more energy from renewable energy than it needs for operations.

Pharma & Healthcare

Protein & dairy

When Danish Crown, one of the largest food exporters in the world, shared its vision of becoming the most sustainable meat supplier by 2030, a strategic partnership with Maersk to provide fast, reliable and dynamic end-to-end supply chain solutions struck all the right chords.

The three-year agreement covers ocean services, inland logistics and cold chain logistics with Maersk-controlled assets and access to digital supply chain platforms.

Protein & Dairy

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