Maersk Customs Services in Europe

Tackle European customs securely, effectively and conveniently.

Intra-European customs expertise

With end-to-end customs visibility, Maersk’s intra-European knowledge, global reach and local expertise, overcome customs challenges and seamlessly coordinate across your supply chain to ensure the timely movement of your goods.

Our experts have deep-understanding of European regulations and can help you leverage free trade agreements, identify opportunities to optimise your customs process, enabling you to move from transactional to strategic customs.

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Why partner with Maersk Customs Services in Europe?

Improved visibility

End-to-end customs visibility, illuminated by integrated data, provides both efficiency-driving insights and the control to implement them.

Compliance confidence

Efficient compliance and clearance are prerequisites for fast-moving, reliable and resilient supply chains. Adapt and comply with ease to new trade rules and regulations in Europe with our intra-European knowledge and local expertise.

Cost control
Controlled costs

Use your customs strategy to your advantage. Integrate analytics, optimise and automise processes, to gain full control of your customs costs.

Take advantage of customs expertise to drive strategic outcomes

Every business has its own unique needs and challenges and naturally, customs impacts these in different ways. What businesses require is support from a strategic customs partner who can use their expertise to understand their unique requirements and optimise their customs processes.

Learn how customs insights can drive business transformation with the help of a customs optimisation blueprint.

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Your blueprint to customs digitalisation

Say goodbye to customs delays with the digitisation of customs.

Elevate speed, reliability, and efficiency with Maersk Customs Solutions. Dive into our infographic for more details.

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Event | The Future of Customs

The current geo-political challenges in Europe have made cross-border trading more complex and less predictable. How you manage your customs can play a much bigger role in lending supply chain resilience to put your business ahead of your competitors.

Integrating customs into your supply chain allows you to make more informed decisions to overcome disruptions and ride with new market opportunities. Learn from leading industry experts about how to mitigate compliance risks through strategic customs decisions and turn every challenge into a new opportunity.

Watch the full recording and read our key-takeaway article.

Customs services offered in Europe

Explore our range of solutions for simple, efficient and fast customs clearance in and outside EU.

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Customs clearance: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you’re looking for more clarity on the customs clearance process, you’ve come to the right place  . Here, you’ll find answers to some of the common questions that we get asked.

Before we begin, it’s important to remember that customs clearance is just one part – the operational part – of a much broader discipline: customs. Keeping this consideration in mind should help you to better understand the role clearance plays within the big picture. Now it’s top of mind, let’s move on to the FAQs.

Ask us your unique customs clearance questions

The FAQ answers above are designed to provide basic guidance on a complex discipline. Your unique customs requirements will likely demand a more comprehensive answer.


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