Maersk Customs Services in Europe

Tackle European customs securely, effectively and conveniently.

Abacus perfects its customs game with Maersk

Facing complex logistics, how did Abacus, a premium golf apparel company, turn the tide with Maersk’s bonded warehouse solution?

Explore the innovations that have redefined their supply chain efficiency and inventory management.

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Powering smooth customs operations for Valmet

Valmet, a global technology and services leader in the pulp and energy industry, revolutionised its customs operations with Maersk.

Discover how this strategic partnership enhanced efficiency, ensuring greater compliance and significant cost savings.

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Can customs insights help retail and fashion brands be in the lead?

In Europe, the retail and fashion industries are known for being highly competitive. And when it comes to customs, the pressures have rarely been greater. Brands in these industries are always looking to gain, maintain or sharpen their competitive edge wherever possible.

Learn about the three ways customs insights can help brands in the retail and fashion industry have the upper hand.

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Five ways to improve resilience for retail supply chains with customs optimisation

While customs has traditionally been viewed as a transactional discipline with little or no added value and perhaps as an administrative chore, with the right knowledge and approach, this perception can be flipped on its head, enabling businesses to unlock value and improve resilience.

Read how by proactively making customs optimisations, retailers across Europe can build the resilience to overcome any disruption that the year has in store.

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The power of integrated customs insights

In the FMCG industry's intricate logistics, rising raw material costs and evolving sustainability regulations require innovative solutions. Maersk's dependable and streamlined customs operation offers improved data visibility and valuable insights.

Our expertise helps you reduce customs expenses, avoid hidden costs, and enhance speed and accuracy. Discover how integrated customs insights can revolutionize your FMCG supply chain in the full article.

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Seamless cross-border movement with integrated solutions

Managing operations for a range of goods supplied by a network of suppliers in various countries is not an easy task. Norway’s largest discount variety retailer, Europris, needed a partner who could accommodate their capacity size while also handling their complex customs declarations.

Learn how Europris increased their control and operational efficiency by combining Maersk Customs Services with ocean and air solutions.

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Customs insights help deliver fresher fish

The strategic focus for Seaborn AS, a major distributor of Norwegian and Icelandic salmon and Norwegian fjord trout, has always been on meeting customer needs by developing new business solutions. One of the new ideas is to deliver a fresher product to the consumer.

Find out how Maersk was able to help Seaborn to increase sales and save on storage costs, resulting in both sales and profit growth.

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Customs compliance in the flower industry: Ensuring freshness every step of the way

Ensuring the timely and pristine delivery of flowers requires a high level of service. The temperature-sensitive nature of these cargos demands an uninterrupted and hassle-free cold chain journey. However, the implementation of IPAFFS in Great Britain has introduced challenges and delays in the cold storage process, causing friction for UK-based importers.

To navigate these complexities and maintain the quality of flowers, a comprehensive and integrated solution is essential. Read the article to learn how Maersk ensured the timely delivery of fresh flowers, meeting the expectations of customers and UK supermarkets during peak seasons.

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