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Industry overview

The scope of cold chains is far broader today than it was a few years ago. Modern setups must adapt to rapid shifts in consumer preferences, satisfy constant demand and comply with increasingly strict safety and hygiene regulations around the world. All while adjusting their response times across geographies, based on the commodity, climate and disruptions. To keep up with all of the above, businesses must seek specialised cold chain solutions that offer much more than cold storage and transportation.

Since the world will always require sustenance and medicine to survive, the food and pharmaceuticals sectors don't have the luxury of downtime. For them, the perfect solution would be one that is always on its toes, seamlessly managing handovers across the chain, and enabling swift decisions based on market trends and opportunities.

How your cold chain can stand out

Freeze flake
Reefer specialists

Our specialists are three experts in one. They combine a deep understanding of your commodity, technical Reefer knowledge, and extensive expertise regarding local regulations. No matter what your origin or destination, there’s a Maersk Reefer Cargo Specialist you can rely on.

Customised solutions

Whether you need a simple stand-alone product like cold storage, a complex solution across land and water, or an integrated carrier-neutral management service, we’ve got the flexibility to provide you with precisely what you’re looking for.

Loading guarantee
End-to-end visibility

Captain Peter, your virtual reefer assistant, will bring you near real-time data on the condition of your perishable cargo, from the moment it is locked inside the container, right up to when it is delivered to your final destination.

Dedicated expertise
Single point of contact
From co-ordinating between multiple last-mile vendors to centralising accountability across different modes of transport, your dedicated point of contact can do a lot to save you time, effort, and money.
Expert handling

Our handlers understand that your commodity needs the utmost care. That’s why we do everything it takes to prevent your sensitive cargo from getting exposed to conditions like fluctuating temperatures, dust, rain, and snow.

Global coverage

One in every four refrigerated containers is from Maersk. Add to that our global network of ships, trucks, trains, and barges in over 121 countries and you’re well equipped to enter new markets and meet your business growth objectives.

In-transit change of destination

To seize opportunities in dynamic markets around the world, you can change the destination of your perishable goods, while in transit, by simply sending us a written e-mail request.


Our refrigerated logistics solutions are focused on reducing food losses. So, if you partner with us on land as well, we can help you cut down food waste further. Additionally, our new larger and more fuel-efficient vessels will decrease your supply chain’s carbon footprint.

Adding value to your supply chain

Get optimal insights, including the recommended conditions for your product, to build a supply chain characterised by innovation and care.

Refrigerated cargo supply chain

Taking a fruitful relationship to a new level

Discover how Nava, a leading premium fruit and vegetables exporter in Italy, has cut logistics costs and begun to command higher-than-market prices with the help of our inland, customs, and visibility solutions.

Taking a fruitful relationship to a new level

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