Bananas and Pineapples made ripe for market

Helping your products breathe a bit easier

Bananas and pineapples are both exported primarily from the Latin Americas and Asia. However, their logistics needs differ drastically from each other. Bananas, for example, need to mature in transit and thus need a very specific environment to do so. They need to breathe in a 3% oxygen and 4-5% carbon dioxide environment that’s kept at 13.3 – 13.9oC. Specifics that our wholly-owned Star Cool IntegratedTM refrigerated containers can handle thanks to StarCareTM, a controlled atmosphere container designed to slow down the natural respiration of fruits.

Elevated CO2 helps in controlling the ripening of fruit products by suppressing the release of ethylene. Combined with Remote Container Management, you can be assured that your produce is cared for from the time it leaves the plantation, to its destination anywhere across the globe. This in turn helps to prolong the shelf life of the product. We ensure every aspect of our container environment is checked before loading onto a vessel.

Strong partnerships create great solutions

Donatella, an Ecuadorian exporter to more than 7 countries worldwide, has worked with Maersk for over 18 years to bring fresh bananas to your table.

For Donatella´s operation, it is crucial to minimize the risk of contamination and have traceability of operational flow and container handling inspection by expert and qualified staff. Working with Maersk has given visibility, integrating reefer data and optimizing transparency on reefer cargo has meant efficiency and growth opportunity for our customers.

Take a look at the story of Donatella Fruit and Maersk, a great example of how a strong partnership creates great solutions.

I think that the key elements of a fruitful partnership of Donatella and Maersk are that we are both caring about the time delivery, especially for our fresh products.

Ugur Hafizoglu
Owner of Donatella Fruit

We started with land transportation with Donatella; then we managed to start them on a reservation service.

Johan Bacigalupo
Head of Bananas and frozen, West Coast of South America Maersk

Now, automate banana ripening on the move

StarRipe™, our latest cold chain innovation, lets you configure banana ripening during their journey so that you can receive them in optimal condition for your destination market. How does our container technology make this possible? What are the other advantages it offers for banana producers and transporters?

Find out more from Michaela Steineker, Senior Cold Chain Excellence Manager, Maersk, in this video.

Track your goods at every step

Visibility of the smallest detail matters when you ship bananas and pineapples. Captain Peter with Remote Container Management provides visibility on temperature-humidity, O2 and CO2 levels, not to mention location and status of your precious and delicate cargo.
Captain Peter

Innovative cold chain logistics

Refrigerated logistics is a highly demanding business. The pressure to respond to changes increases year after year. Thus, innovation is at the heart of cold chain logistics. It could mean removing a stop from your cold chain journey to improve time to market, focusing on improving variable delivery speeds, or even finding a solution to open a new market for your product.
Cold Chain Logistics

Cold chain solutions

Considering your fruits spend most of its journey in a container, it becomes imperative to ensure that they are kept in optimum condition. Therefore, the level of care and innovation that goes into a Maersk container is of paramount importance to us.

Delivering fresh San Carlos pineapples to Montreal

By sourcing directly from farms and understanding the business of exporting pineapples, we helped a pineapple export client Agroprecuarios, to reduce wastage and optimise speed to market.

Enabling fresh pineapples harvested every week in Costa Rica to reach stores in Montreal in perfect condition. A 6000 km reefer journey that optimised cold chain processes with unmatched visibility tools.

Meet our Bananas and Pineapples expert

Borja Pelayo Fernandez Arche
Global Head of Bananas & Pines • Cold Chain Vertical

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