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Customers around the world trust us with more than 1.3 million containers of their fresh, frozen and pharmaceutical products every year. Whether it is pineapples from Costa Rica or Tuna from Spain, your refrigerated cargo is our top priority all the way. Our experts work with a suite of technologies and globally accepted best practices to load, monitor, track and transport sensitive commodities safely and efficiently.

Bananas and Pineapples

Global demand for these two staple fruits is high all year round. Transporting them safely necessitates maintaining an unbroken cold chain all the way from farm to shelf. Our refrigerated cargo experts know the precise and different conditions these two fruits need to arrive at their destinations in peak conditions. Combined with our StarCare containers and Remote Container Management technology, your fruits can travel further than ever before.

Fruit and vegetables

Whether it is potatoes or grapes, transporting fruits and vegetables across borders and time zones requires careful calibration of process and technology. Our global expertise with refrigerated cargo, cold container innovations and digital monitoring tools are always ready to help you move your shipments further, faster and safer. Take advantage of our integrated logistics services to shrink the time and distance between farm and plate for your customers.
Boosting supply chain speeds for fruits and vegetables

Fish and seafood

The fundamental drivers of transporting fish and seafood around the world are reliability and total visibility of the supply chain. We ensure your entire shipment remains frozen at the optimum temperature all the way from sea to supermarket with specialised care from our refrigerated cargo experts and technologies such as Remote Container Management and Super Freezer containers.
Fish and seafood

Pharmaceutical and healthcare

When it comes to transporting your pharmaceuticals, uncompromising safety and utmost precision are key drivers to ensuring your cargo completes its journey quickly and immaculately. Our dedicated team of refrigerated cargo experts are specially trained to optimise and process healthcare supply chains to maintain quality all the way. Bank on our digital tools such as Remote Container Management to track and monitor your cargo in real time 24/7.

Protein and dairy

Transporting highly temperature-sensitive cargo like meat around the world in prime condition is a complex affair, with demand, delivery times, and destinations changing frequently. Our refrigerated cargo experts know how to optimise cold chains and maintain sanitation standards throughout the cargo’s journey. Rely on our specialised cold care containers and suite of tracking and monitoring tools to keep your shipment moving safely and efficiently, all the way.
Ensuring protein and dairy supply chains are always on

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