Boosting supply chain speeds for fruits and vegetables

Bridging the gaps between farm and port

Farming and cultivation require a lot of hard work. It only makes sense for your logistics to work just as hard to get your produce to market in pristine condition. One of the main challenges is the distance between farm and port. Not only does this increase transit time by up to 2 days, but also increases the risk of delays by road, which could lead to missed shipments.

For us getting closer to origin is key. As a global integrator, Maersk is in a unique position to provide a differentiated integrated logistics solution that includes safer and faster pick up from source, tying up with inland rail services and setting up warehousing closer to farms. Different geographies demand a unique solution and it’s our job to find the easiest, safest and fastest way to get your produce to the port.

Track your goods at every step

Fresh produce can be affected by multiple factors like temperature and humidity. Visibility solutions like Captain Peter with Remote Container Management help to keep an eye on the condition, location and status of your precious and delicate cargo. This enables you to make faster and better solutions to get your produce to the right markets, at the right time for the best price.
Captain Peter

Innovative cold chain logistics

Refrigerated logistics is a highly demanding business. The pressure to respond to changes increases year after year. Thus, innovation is at the heart of cold chain logistics. It could mean removing a stop from your cold chain journey to improve time to market, focusing on improving variable delivery speeds, or even finding a solution to open a new market for your product.
Cold Chain Logistics

Cold chain storage solutions

Considering your goods spend most of their journey in a container, it becomes imperative to ensure they are kept in optimum condition. Therefore, the level of care and innovation that goes into a Maersk container is of paramount importance to us.

Case study

Fresh from Turkey - A Gülbudak and Maersk collaboration

What began as a quest to preserve the crispness of apples turned into a thriving partnership between Gülbudak and Maersk, fuelled by cutting-edge cold chain innovations. Discover the story behind this fruitful collaboration.

Male holding an apple in an apple farm

A seamless citrus journey from Morocco to St. Petersburg

For Clementina - a citrus exporter in Spain, partnering with Maersk has enabled the company to draw advantages from a single, unbroken supply chain with one point of contact. This includes unmatched visibility, efficient customs clearance, increased quality and more in-depth knowledge of costs throughout its supply chain journey. This has given the company more control and the ability to respond to market changes better.

A seamless citrus journey from Morocco to St. Petersburg

Grown in Italy, enjoyed around the world

After years of being an ocean client, Maersk helped Nava to transition their supply chain beyond a predominantly European market and start exporting to the world. Today, Nava utilises Maersk’s global ocean and inland network, unmatched visibility, local knowledge and seamless administrative services to move its quality produce across the globe, be it apples to India, kiwi fruit and grapes to the US and more.

Nava – partnered with Maersk to further improve service to its customers

Meet our fruits and vegetables expert

Graham Schrieder, Global Vertical Head, Fruit & Vegetables
Graham Schrieder
Global Vertical Head, Fruit & Vegetables

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