A bountiful harvest: Gülbudak's remarkable journey of transformation

Story of Gülbudak's resilience, innovation, and the enduring warmth of their remarkable success.

Step into the world of Gülbudak, a visionary apple producer from the picturesque landscapes of Isparta, Turkey. Gülbudak's journey began in 1996, driven by a simple yet ambitious dream - to cultivate the finest apples celebrated for their exceptional quality and remarkable shelf life.

The background

From orchard dreams to global supply

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Isparta, Turkey, Gülbudak embarked on its journey in 1996. Founded by two visionary individuals, Mr. Hasan and Mr. Ali, Gülbudak aimed to cultivate the finest apples. Their dream was simple yet ambitious- to grow apples celebrated for their exceptional quality and remarkable shelf life in a region blessed with a unique micro-climate.

Amidst this pursuit, Gülbudak encountered an unexpected challenge—the global COVID-19 pandemic. It was during these trying times that they found a steadfast ally in Maersk. Gülbudak's journey was not just about overcoming the crisis; it was also a transformation in supply chain management.

Female handing an apple to her child in an apple farm

I feel truly privileged to continue the legacy that my father and uncle worked so hard to build. And to put it simply, it's a source of immense joy and satisfaction. Being an apple farmer has taught me countless invaluable lessons that extend far beyond the orchards.

Enes Gülbudak
Export Manager

The challenge

A helping hand during crisis 

The COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges, including a global container shortage. Gülbudak's resilience was bolstered by the partnership with Maersk. Together, we navigated the crisis, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Male loading boxes filled with apples onto a Maersk truck

We believe that with their fresh ideas and perspectives, future generations can take our business to even greater heights while staying true to our core values.

Buse İnce
Quality and Packhouse Manager

The result

Charting a course together

This partnership extended beyond crisis management. Maersk and Gülbudak embarked on a path of foresight, forecasting monthly load quantities to effectively manage orders and logistics. This proactive approach eliminated the risks associated with late container bookings, a challenge they had grappled with before.

Efficient Returns Management
Efficiency through precision

Efficiency became a hallmark of this collaboration. Clear schedules for empty container arrivals streamlined operations, eradicating the uncertainty surrounding loading times.

Supply chain technology
The power of specialisation

Working with Maersk's specialised team has revolutionised Gülbudak's operations. Leveraging the online portal for document management, including revisions on bills of lading, streamlined the process. Changes were now swift and seamless.

Captain Peter: A game-changer 

Captain Peter marked a pivotal moment in traceability. Gülbudak gained the ability to monitor ongoing container temperatures, safeguarding apple quality. Maersk's personalised consulting played a vital role in swiftly resolving issues and minimising time and energy loss.

Male holding an apple wearing a lab coat

The future holds exciting possibilities for our business. We aim to further expand and reach new markets. We're also exploring innovative techniques and technologies with Maersk to retain the quality of our produce while minimising our environmental footprint.

Buse İnce
Quality and Packhouse Manager

A fruitful partnership: Gülbudak and Maersk's journey to success

The Gülbudak and Maersk partnership epitomises a dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction. Together, they underscore that the right partnership can unlock the path to success.

Here’s a glimpse of our shared journey:

Booking services illustration
Maersk Booking Services
Streamline booking creation and management with a single point of contact
Inland transportation services illustration
Inland Transportation Services
Coordinate various transportation modes effortlessly
Captain peter illustration
Captain Peter
Keep an eye on your in-transit cargo with Captain Peter
Value protect illustration
Value Protect
Protect your cargo against accidental damage and higher recovery limits
Maersk customs services
Maersk Customs Services
Save time with seamless compliance and effortless customs navigations with a global network of customs experts
Documentation and consultancy
Documentation and Consultancy
Enjoy a swift and trouble-free journey for your produce facilitated by a seamless and secure customs clearance process
Ocean transport
Ocean Transportation
Discover new markets for your produce with our shipping services from over 300 ports globally

Gülbudak's journey to 40,000 tons of excellence

The unwavering dedication yielded substantial growth. Over the years, their apple orchards expanded to cover an impressive 650 hectares of fertile land. Their annual apple processing capacity has soared to an impressive 40,000 tonnes, aided by cutting-edge technology and modern infrastructure, enabling consistent supply to customers worldwide for 12 months a year.

A set of hands holding a box full of apples

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