Cold Chain Logistics

Time-sensitive cargo, delivered.

Temperature-controlled cargo deserves a lot more

We go all the way to ensure that your refrigerated shipment is delivered timely and efficiently while maintaining product quality. Whether you are entering a new market, need a leaner supply chain, predictable costs, operational transparency or a storage solution - we have got you covered.

We aim to deliver efficiency gains through cold chain solutions that reduce complexity, handovers and waste. In essence, we let you focus on developing your business while we take care of your cold chain logistics.

Your key benefits

End-to-end integrated solutions
Coordination with a single party – we coordinate across the cold supply chain for you.
Cold Stores
Global cold storage network
Temperature-controlled warehouses offering the value-added services you need.
Reefer expertise
A global fleet of world-class refrigerated cargo and deep commodity expertise for / in cold chain shipping
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A trusted partner all the way
Asset-based solutions require mutual commitment fostering long-lasting relationships.
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Remote Container Management
End-to-end visibility through our up-to-date refrigerated cargo monitoring platform, Captain Peter.
Global network
Reach locations across the globe using our extensive ocean network and presence in 120+ countries across the globe.
Local Information
Local market knowledge
Teams of local refrigerated cargo experts support faster market access and discover more optimisation opportunities.

Novo Nordisk’s journey with Maersk to build a conscious supply chain

At Maersk, our cold chain solutions constantly strive to ensure that your refrigerated cargo reaches its destination on time and in peak condition by offering you an unbroken supply chain.

This means our initiatives and solutions are consciously developed to sustain both your business and the planet we share. An example of this is our partnership with Novo Nordisk which delivered life-saving medicines while taking us closer to our goal of taking care of the planet.

Watch this video to understand how this collaboration helped Novo Nordisk move closer to their goal of going net zero.

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Interested in Cold Chain Logistics?

Reach out to your local refrigerated cargo team for more information.

Get started today

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Interested in Cold Chain Logistics?

Reach out to your local refrigerated cargo team for more information.
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