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Cold Chain Solutions

Cold Chain Solutions are integrated solutions for your reefer cargo and a one-stop-shop for your logistics needs. From farm to supermarket, we take care of your cold chain needs, allowing you peace of mind with a single point of contact throughout the chain.

A Cold Chain Solution can be export or import oriented or truly end-to-end, depending on your needs. We design the solution that fits your supply chain.

Case study: From farm in Costa Rica to supermarket in Canada

By designing an integrated end-to-end solution, we enabled a Canadian retailer to import pineapples directly from the farm in Costa Rica, reducing the number of middlemen.We pick up the fruit at the farm and sail it from Costa Rica to Philadelphia, where we cross-dock the fruit from our containers to a reefer trailer.

The operation is completed in a bonded cold store facility – no inspection is done until the cargo reaches Canada. By cross-docking, we optimise the weight distribution and deliver directly to our customer’s preferred distribution centre in Canada in less than four days from vessel arrival.

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