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Cold Chain Solutions

Not all problems have the same solutions. Whether you need to deliver your bananas from Latin America to Europe, ensure your meat is sold at the right price and at the right time in Asia or guarantee the freshness of your grapes throughout their journey from farm to shelf, we have a customized solution for you. Get all your cold chain needs met with a reliable, end-to-end logistics partner who can combine both local presence and global reach.

Our Cold Chain Solutions, built on our comprehensive Ocean and Logistics offerings, bring simplicity and predictability to the transport of your perishables, while also reducing risk and administrative workloads on your business. Our expert local teams will assess your supply chain from end to end and enable you to further improve and streamline your logistics network to best support your core business.

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End-to-end visibility
Captain Peter, your virtual refrigerated cargo assistant, enables smarter decisions with data streamed straight from the container all the way to your final destination.
Refrigerated cargo specialists
Our experts combine a deep understanding of your commodity with extensive technical refrigerated cargo knowledge to ensure the correct handling of your cargo.
Warehouse Location
Global cold storage network
Our growing network of strategically located and environmentally friendly cold store facilities offers a variety of value-added services tailored to your needs – a cornerstone for a high quality green cold chain.
Flexible Logistics Solutions
Customised solutions
Whether you need a simplified cold chain or complex solutions across land and water, we have the flexibility to tailor solutions based on your exact needs.

Delivering fresh San Carlos pineapples to Montreal

The pineapple business relies on speed. By sourcing directly from farms and understanding the business of exporting pineapples, we helped Agroprecuarios – a pineapple exporter to reduce wastage and optimise speed to market. This enabled fresh pineapples to be packed and shipped every week from Costa Rica, which then travelled a 6000 km refrigerated cargo journey to reach stores at Montreal, in perfect condition.

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