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Pharma Cold Chain Management (P-CCM) by Maersk

In the life science and healthcare industry, safeguarding pharmaceutical integrity is paramount. Maersk's Pharma Cold Chain Management (P-CCM) seamlessly integrates physical and digital elements. This comprehensive approach ensures superior control, flexibility, and visibility when transporting temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals or healthcare products. By maintaining an unbroken cold chain we secure product integrity.

Compliant with stringent regulations like EU-Good Distribution Practice (EU-GDP), our dedicated approach guarantees meticulous handling and adherence to strict temperature controls throughout the supply chain. This empowers our customers to focus on crafting the best global medicines.

How does Maersk ensure pharmaceutical cold chain integrity?


Pharma expertise:

  • Network of trained customer-facing teams for pharmaceutical and healthcare services
  • Committed expertise in departments like customer service, reefer innovation, landside procurement, Reefer monitoring and cold storage for medical supplies
  • Dedicated reefer specialists with technical expertise in pharmaceuticals, EU-GDP, and quality for effective healthcare supply chain management
visibility monitoring

Visibility monitoring and intervention:

  • In-transit container visibility (location, temperature (container & ambient), humidity) on our Captain Peter platform for temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals
  • Personalised notifications and 24/7 chat support
  • Datalog availability after the journey
  • Remote container management system ensures follow-up and intervention on alarms to minimise risks of temperature deviations
state of the art

State-of-the-art assets:

  • Special procedures for pharma reefer container optimising power-off times, on-board stowage for accessibility as well as intervention and CAPA handling
  • Network of own container terminals
  • Strategic cold stores facilities under development for pharmaceutical handling
  • State-of-the-art cooling technology for healthcare logistics
  • Guaranteed space and equipment
  • Commitment to reach net zero across our business by 2040.
one stop shop

One-stop-shop for customised integrated pharmaceutical logistics solutions

  • Tailored solutions for fragmented supply chains, sensitive medicines, and remote origins or destinations in the supply chain.
customer centric

Customer-centric pharmaceutical QMS

A risk-based pharmaceutical and healthcare Quality Management System (QMS) with a customer-focus mindset.

  • Supplier management programme
  • Risk assessment, documented processes, and training for pharmaceutical & healthcare supply chain integrity
  • Deviation and corrective actions (CAPA management)
  • Equipment qualification and computer system validation
  • Compliance with EU GDP and other stringent regulatory and industry guidelines
  • Digital Lane Risk Assessment capabilities through partnership with Validaide

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