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Cold Chain Management

Perishable goods often need to pass through a number of points and borders as they travel all the way from farm to plate. Every step and handover in this delicate process is rife with the risk. Temperatures may fluctuate, documentation may be missed or unexpected events could cause delays that will affect the quality of your cargo and increase costs.

Our Cold Chain Management (CCM) is an integrated service offering both the physical aspects, such as transportation or storage, and digital capabilities that enable true end-to-end supply chain management. As a shipper, you can safely delegate the management of your supply chain to a reliable partner who can optimise and implement your logistics plan.

Our unique platform gives you greater control, flexibility and visibility of your refrigerated cargo to ensure a seamless, unbroken cold chain all the way. You also get more transparency and predictability with a clear understanding of the total costs and the status of your refrigerated cargo round the clock.

Cold chain management – A male worker in a cold storage facility.
Supply chain optimisation

Supply chain and process management

  • Supply chain design and optimization
  • Monitoring of potential supply chain disruptions
  • Waste reduction and prevention
Greater visibility

Data management and visibility

  • Order and inventory management
  • Supply chain visibility, temperature monitoring and alerts
  • Landed cost monitoring and analysis
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Stakeholder management

  • Vendor management across the supply chain
  • Carrier management

End-to-end customer satisfaction


State-of-the-art cooling technology

Our patented StarCareTM refrigerated cargo containers ensure your goods are kept fresh with temperature settings ranging from -25° and +25° Celsius. Captain Peter, our remote container management platform provides data on conditions inside the container, such as CO2 and humidity levels, so you can monitor your cargo 24/7.
Standalone service

Location advantage

Our Cold Storage network of warehouses is strategically placed across the globe, giving you access to new markets and opportunities to grow your business.
Environmental Friendly

One-stop-shop for customised integrated cold chain logistics solutions

Whether it is fragmented supply chains, complicated operations and procedures or a need to experiment with intermodal options, we’re here to help you find the best solution.

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