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Possible components of the Cold Chain Management set-up

Visibility and transparency are crucial components when it comes to managing demand, predictably and reliably. With Cold Chain Management (CCM), we take care of managing and executing your cold supply chain.

A Cold Chain Management set-up is always tailormade to your supply chain to optimise your supply chain performance and reduce exposure of your cargo. We utilize our extensive network of assets and services.

Supply chain and process management

  • Supply chain design and optimisation
  • Proactive event management
  • Monitoring of potential supply chain disruptions
  • Waste reduction and prevention
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Data management and visibility

  • Order management
  • Inventory management (in storage and transit)
  • Supply chain visibility, Track-and-Trace
  • Temperature monitoring and alerts
  • Landed cost monitoring and analysis
Supply Chain Data Management

Stakeholder management

  • Vendor management across the supply chain 
  • Carrier management
Cold Chain Logistics stakeholder management

Case Study: How Cold Chain Management helps bringing better fruits to market while optimising the chain

For fruit exporters, coordination between packing stations near the fields and the retailers in destination countries is everything. Maersk Cold Chain Management goes all the way to provide complete visibility to the customer including shipment and customs status, full process, price and more.

Our Cold Chain Management solution was developed through close collaboration between Maersk and the exporting customer. The key outcomes of this solution are:

  • Improved product quality at destination
  • Minimised customs complications in importing countries to avoid delays and associated charges
  • Limited amount of additional charges – particularly from inspections
  • Enabling the exporting customer to sell the goods directly to the retailers in the destination

With the ultimate goal of providing better fruits to the market and making sure that shippers get fair prices for their produce.

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