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Cold Storage

A controlled cold storage environment with stable temperatures and constant care is vital to maintaining the highest quality and maximising the shelf life of your products.

Our global Cold Storage facilities ensure optimal product temperatures depending on the commodity needs; typically within the range -25˚C to +25˚C. When needed, we can also provide atmosphere-controlled conditions e.g. for pharmaceuticals, ripening of certain fruits and long-term cold storage for fresh fruits.

We offer a range of services within the Cold Stores

  • Short-term storage: Flexible cold storage capacity to cover for any interruptions in your distribution process or other short-term needs.
  • Seasonal warehousing: Cold storage capacity to cover your seasonal needs.
  • Palletising/Depalletising: Palletisation or depalletisation in origin or destination hubs for further transportation or storage.
  • Pick and pack: Packaging of your sales orders for distribution.
  • Packing and re-packing: Packing, re-packing and labelling of your cargo based on your specified requirements.
  • Blast chilling and freezing: Powerful refrigeration facilities to instantly chill or freeze fresh produce such as meat or fish to the required temperature (available in some facilities).
  • Cross docking: Transfer your cargo directly from the container to one or more reefer trucks destined domestically or cross-border in a temperature-controlled environment.
Cold storage warehousing

Cold storage is typically based on mid and long-term contracts with fixed and variable volumes. In some cases, warehouses are built-to-suit (BTS) for larger customers.

Reach out to your local Maersk contact for more information on cold storage.

Cold Storage case study: Pre-cool for South African fruit exports

In our Maersk Cold Store in Durban, South Africa, we specialize in pre-cooling of fruits to enable local fruit exporters to comply with customs requirements of receiving countries. With high-quality pre-cooling and cold storage handling, we ensure that the fruit remains in prime condition and maintains its high quality from the very beginning of the supply chain until final delivery.

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