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The wealth of 100+ years

For over 100 years, we have been moving food and pharma across the world. Our journeys have connected distant populations and markets, and earned us the goodwill of customers and consumers alike.

Each journey has also taught us more than a few things: critical know-how that has helped us improve our offerings over decades.

Today, we can offer you industry-best solutions and expert services to keep your cargo in optimal condition from start to finish.

You can rest assured that your refrigerated cargo will be handled by cold chain specialists backed by pioneering technology, and Maersk's extensive cold chain experience.
the wealth

Global expertise for your cargo

Our teams of cold chain experts support your cargo journeys throughout the world, helping you move your commodities from farm and factory at origin, to destination markets worldwide.

They have deep knowledge and understanding of:

new the commodities you transport
Commodities you transport
new their specific transport
Specific transport
and storage needs
new regulatory
Regulatory requirements
at ports and borders
new cold chain
Cold chain equipment you will need

You can count on them to assist you throughout your cargo’s journey, advising you on best practices and suggesting alternatives if your supply chain faces a roadblock.

To find out who your nearest cold chain expert is, simply consult the map below or contact them.

expertise map

Fresh from Turkey - A Gülbudak-Maersk collaboration

What began as a quest to preserve the crispness of apples turned into a thriving partnership between Gülbudak and Maersk, fuelled by cutting-edge cold chain innovations. Discover the story behind this fruitful collaboration.

Pioneering technologies for perishable cargo

Fruits and vegetables, meat, fish and seafood, dairy and other perishables are time- and temperature-sensitive cargo with limited shelf-life. Their transport is already a race against time. Moreover, there are unforeseen logistical challenges that can easily disrupt and slow down movement.

Technology helps mitigate many of these concerns, keeps your sensitive cargo safe and fresh, and on track to its destination.
Our cold chain specialists have pioneered many technologies not only to protect refrigerated cargo but also to provide full visibility of the conditions of the cargo while on the move.

With constant innovations, our dedicated teams ensure that your perishable cargo is ready to deal with any contingency in its journey.

Here are a few industry-first technologies that assure the quality of your cargo:

A comprehensive guide to your commodities

How well do you know your commodity?

From our extensive experience in transporting sensitive cargo across the world, we have compiled a list of the most suitable conditions for your commodities.

Explore our guide to learn how your fruits, vegetables, meat and pharmaceuticals can preserve their its freshness in transit and while in storage.

How did an unbroken cold chain help Sian Flowers cross the seas?

When flights were grounded during the Covid-19 pandemic, Kenya’s Sian Flowers lost access to its market in Europe. How did Maersk move Sian’s cut flowers over hundreds of kilometres on land and across the seas without any loss of quality and vase life? Watch our video.

Know all about our refrigerated containers

Our refrigerated containers are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, including temperature regulation and atmosphere control, besides live monitoring with remote control management (RCM).

new container dimensions
Container dimensions
They come in sizes of 20 feet and 40 feet
new temperature
Temperature control
Temperature can be regulated between -60°C and +30°C
new humidity
Humidity regulation
Relative humidity can be maintained between 60% and 95%
new electrical specification
Electrical specifications
They operate at a voltage of 360-480 V and a frequency of 50-60 Hz
new air circulation
Air circulation
Fans that operate between 3,000 cbm/h and 6,000 cbm/h, and special T-bar floors ensure constant airflow within the container

How we found solutions for Echebastar’s tuna

Sustainable fishing company Echebastar promises full transparency and reliability in the supply of premium tuna to its customers around the world. For optimal quality, the fish need to be frozen and kept at a constant temperature of 60°C throughout its travel. How did Maersk’s cold chain solutions, including digital visibility assistant Captain Peter, ensure a successful journey for Echebastar’s fish?
echebastars tuna

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