Ensuring protein and dairy supply chains are always on

Tracking goods from farmhouse to the world

Protein and dairy is essential for overall health and well-being. The United Nations estimates the global population to exceed 10 billion people by 2050, making protein and dairy an important pillar in ensuring world food security.  Currently, the continent the world looks to is North America, that does almost half of the total global exports. The industry functions primarily on a push distribution model where every process can only start once the previous process is done. It is a continuous process, and any delays along any point on the supply chain can lead to wastage and loss.

Any breakdown in the supply chain requires a quick solution. Which is where monitoring and tracking your perishables comes into play. Shipment monitoring services like Captain Peter and process tracking software like TradeLens can help you make quicker decisions and turn around any situation to your advantage.

Track your goods at every step

Fresh produce and pharmaceuticals can be affected by multiple factors like temperature and humidity. Visibility solutions like Remote Container Management from Captain Peter help to keep an eye on the condition, location and status of your precious and delicate cargo.
Captain Peter

Innovative cold chain logistics

Refrigerated logistics is a highly demanding business. The pressure to respond to changes increases year after year. Thus, innovation is at the heart of cold chain logistics. It could mean removing a stop from your cold chain journey to improve time to market, focusing on improving variable delivery speeds, or even finding a solution to open a new market for your product.
Cold Chain Logistics

Cotriguacu cuts costs with mobile repair depot

Brazilian pork and poultry conglomerate, Cotriguacu was facing stiff competition and needed an end-to-end solution to improve both, time to market and cost efficiencies. An in-depth analysis of the company’s supply chain revealed a bottleneck. Wherein reefer containers needed to be trucked for repair which slowed supply chain efficiencies. The solution involved setting up a customised depot at the port itself to help shorten Cotriguacu’s supply chain.

Meet our protein and dairy expert

Jean Stoll, Global Vertical Head, Protein & Dairy
Jean Stoll
Global Vertical Head, Protein & Dairy

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