Navigating fish and seafood

Ensuring end-to-end freshness

Fish and Seafood is a truly global industry. Its demand is even more global, with consumers choosing to switch to a pescatarian diet for health reasons. This means gearing up operations for an increase in demand is vital. However fragmented players involved in the handling and trade of fish and seafood slow down efficiencies along the supply chain. And at sea, consignments are disrupted 4-5 times a year by weather, leading to further unexpected delays.

Choosing a one-stop-shop solution for all your logistic needs makes a lot of sense today, as it increases efficiencies from dock to port. For instance, we help you minimise fishing downtime by stuffing directly on dock. Tallying, scaling and sealing of container is done here too, all before heading to the terminal. At sea, our Remote Container Management solutions help you track your cargo enabling you to plan ahead in case of any delays due to weather. Choosing our end-to-end cold chain solutions gives you a further advantage of having one price, one point of contact and one invoice.

Track your goods at every step 

The Fish and Seafood industry is known to have a fragmented supply chain with multiple vendors. For your business to run smoothly and respond to changes quickly, it is essential to have a robust track-and-trace setup like Captain Peter with Remote Container Management that gives you complete transparency from dock to end consumer. An always connected solution that collates information on live location, condition, temperature parameters and status of your precious cargo.
Captain Peter

Innovative cold chain logistics

Refrigerated logistics is a highly demanding business. The pressure to respond to changes increases year after year. Thus, innovation is at the heart of cold chain logistics. It could mean removing a stop from your cold chain journey to improve time to market, focusing on improving variable delivery speeds, or even finding a solution to open a new market for your product.
Cold Chain Logistics

Cold chain storage solutions

Considering your goods spend most of their journey in a container, it becomes imperative to ensure they are kept in optimum condition. Therefore, the level of care and innovation that goes into a Maersk container is of paramount importance to us.

Reel in the perfect solution

To grow and diversify your business in the fish & seafood industry, you must have a cold chain logistics partner who understands the sensitive nature of your fish & seafood business. At Maersk, we have products and services designed keeping in mind the challenges of fish & seafood logistics. As an end-to-end logistics provider, we offer data-driven solutions, digital visibility tools and can handle cargo throughout your logistics journey.

Benefits include

  • The largest fleet of cold chain containers
  • A global network of cold store facilities
  • Access to a vast global logistics network with local presence
  • Digital tools like Captain Peter for real-time visibility of cargo

So go on, explore an integrated approach to cold chain logistics. Bait the best ideas for your fish & seafood business.

Maersk reefer cargo commodity

Extending the global reach of Tuna

Exporting delicate goods like tuna to consumers across the globe requires a combination of visibility, transparency and state-of-the-art refrigerated technology.
For Echebaster, a Basque tuna fishing company in Spain, our cold chain logistics solutions helped them expand their reach and grow their business exponentially. Our -60oC Super Freezer containers keep their tuna fresh and our Remote Container Management solution monitors the entire production and supply chain.

Meet our Fish and Seafood expert

Thue Barfod, Global Vertical Head, Fish & Seafood
Thue Barfod
Global Vertical Head, Fish & Seafood

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