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Customs services are essential for every multinational business on the planet – and even the ones off it. Incredibly, even the Apollo 11 crew were required to submit their moon rock samples for import customs clearance after landing in Honolulu!

At Maersk, we are determined to make your customs process simple in an increasingly complex marketplace. By getting to know your business on a professional level, and you personally, we can implement the best possible solution.

Maersk Customs Services

Our core customs services

As your business crosses international borders, you face complex local regulatory environments. With Maersk, you can take advantage of your own customs broker, fluent in local customs policies and global logistics to handle:

Import declarations

Our Import Clearance Product helps any Maersk customer who needs to clear their imported products, by performing the clearance in the most compliant, cost-effective and efficient way.

What we offer:

  • Cost-effectiveness and a precise duties-payment process 
  • Efficient data entry management on all documentation
  • Document compliance review reducing the risk of penalties, costly delays and inefficiencies of managing multiple vendors.
  • Accurate, timely and compliant import declarations filings
Import declarations

Export declarations

A government requirement to gain permission to load an outbound vessel regardless of the mode of transportation, for exporters shipping outside of their trade zones. 

What we offer:

  • Compliant and accurate export filings
  • Origin management of export merchandise and licenses
  • Document compliance review 
Export declarations

In-transit declarations

Allows customs clearance formalities to take place at the destination point rather than at the point of entry into the customs territory.

What we offer:

  • Efficient in-transit declaration filings
  • Managing the further movement of the freight 
  • Providing timely arrival of the merchandise at the final destination, minimising delays throughout the transportation journey
In-Transit Declarations

Our expanded services

With a strong portfolio of extended service capabilities, we can address your customs concerns and go beyond transactional needs. Whether it’s changes in trade environments, government policies or anything out of the ordinary, we can handle it for you.

Maersk Customs Services

Brewing the right solution to simplify customs

Maersk's one-stop service for our customer simplified their customs processes and provided a more reliable and seamless supply chain experience.
Efficiency meets cost savings

Reimagine Retail with an enhanced customs compliance process

How Maersk's local customs and regulation knowledge helped our customer to improve their customs compliance processes, saving costs and reducing chances of delay
Overcoming speed-to-market issues with multiple shipping methods

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