Flex Hub

Get the flexibility to move your cargo in an agile way

Changes in demand can be quite challenging and leave you with irregular supply patterns. Here you may need the extra flexibility and agility to stay in control of your business and remain competitive, no matter the time and place.

Flex Hub is our new solution that lets you manage your cargo flow in line with your demand patterns. You can now store your goods closer to key markets, postpone your deliveries and get the flexibility to change their final destination. This allows you to make faster deliveries to your customers when the time is right.

To get more information on Flex Hub and its advantages for your business, please reach out to your Maersk sales representative.

Why choose Flex Hub?

Flex Hub provides Flexibility in your supply chain to stay agile and manage your business smoothly. Take a look to see how our solution helps you manage your cargo flow to its final destination.

Manage demand fluctuations

Slowdown in flows of your cargo to meet changes in demand. Ship your cargo now and we’ll store it for you in one of our hub ports.

Put your customers within reach

Position your cargo closer to key markets with our six (6) hub ports. Flex Hub is available in Salalah, Tanjung Pelepas, Port Said, Algeciras, Colombo and Port Tangier.

Building Market
Agility and faster time to market

Up to 70% reduction in ‘order to delivery’ lead times. Get the flexibility to change the final destination and the agility to deliver faster to your customers directly from the hubs.

Online visibility
Offers online visibility

You get complete visibility to monitor real-time inventory levels and your storage time through online dashboards.

Cost efficiency pictogram
Optimise supply chain costs

Our hubs reduce storage costs by nearly 30% in comparison with traditional warehouse facilities and with reduced working capital.

Relieve pressure on storage facilities

Save precious storage space at your facilities. We will deliver your cargo to its destination when the time is right.

Customes house brokerage
One contract

You can easily add Flex Hub to your long-term contract. Just select the hub port you wish to use and get started.

How Flex Hub works

Flex Hub is simple to use and convenient to incorporate into your logistics process, letting you strike a much-needed balance between demand and supply.

1. At Origin:

Make your booking with Maersk to a destination as planned. Inform us at time of booking that your cargo needs Flex Hub.

2. When Sailing:

Receive real-time updates of your cargo from the time your containers leave for the transhipment hub.

3. At the Hub Port:

Your Maersk representative helps manage the holding of containers across our multiple hubs. After the cargo reaches your hub port of choice, we hold it on your behalf until you decide its final destination and when you want it delivered.

4. On the way to the final destination:

When you have chosen the time and the final location, we will complete the delivery. All potential locations for the final destination must be a part of the contract.

Reach global markets with confidence

Flex Hub makes it easier to profit from global demand by placing your cargo closer to its final destination and moving it quickly at the right time. You can choose between our six (6) Flex Hub ports locations:

Talk to your Maersk Sales Representative to include Flex Hub in your contract.

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