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Efficiently meet your demand with Supply Chain solutions that fit your business to a tee.

Tailored solutions for your industry needs

At Maersk, we believe in providing seamless solutions using experts who understand your unique requirements. We leverage this knowledge to build our Supply Chain solutions around our customers’ needs in order to serve some of the world’s largest brands. Our solutions can be tailored to cover all the necessary retail sub-verticals and also cater to independent retailers. Our sub-verticals include:


Traditionally, discounters have focused on offering low prices on a targeted assortment of mostly private-label products. This includes retailers focused on low cost merchandise with ever-changing portfolios and a large number of temporary Stock Keeping Units (SKUs).

But today, these companies have redefined themselves and offer a broader variety of higher quality products and an upgraded customer experience. For discounters to be able to take the lead both in terms of price and quality, flexibility and constant change in the supply chain is of utmost importance.


Department stores

Department stores sell products for every need. Apparel, home furnishings, shoes, cook and homeware, bed and bath are organized in separate departments in the store. To cater to customers who want “fashion on demand”, it’s more important than ever to swiftly ship products to market.


Supermarkets and Hypermarkets

Supermarkets and Hypermarkets are selling general merchandise, groceries and fresh food. These companies face logistical challenges because they often need to manage their in-house stock, online shopping requirements and home deliveries too.

The arrival of Discounters has disrupted this space. Supermarkets and Hypermarkets need to balance a complex supply chain. Managing such a supply chain requires planning and visibility. In addition, flexibility is required, increasing the importance of having a logistics partner that offers multiple options for each leg of the logistics journey.



E-commerce is changing the retail industry and today E-tailers are dominating online sales. E-tailers are platform retailers selling across multiple product lines – all by harnessing the power of the World Wide Web. Customers expect to have their packages delivered through multiple channels within a few days. This demand results in complexity, forcing e-tailers to become more flexible, and to adopt to new technology – especially within their warehouses.


Home improvement/Homeware

These are retailers who exclusively sell furnishing products, home improvement equipment and do-it-yourself home improvement materials for consumers and professionals. As many of these retailers have huge stores and retain thousands of products, holding items using an accurate, timely and cost-effective logistics service is crucial to success.


Specialty retail

The Specialty industry consists of retailers that focus on specific product categories as opposed to retailers who sell a large number of products. It could be companies concentrated on a single item in the categories of office supplies or drugstore supplies. Specialty retailers are to a large extent still an offline entity and focus on product expertise and the in-store experience.

For Specialty retailers, it is of utmost importance to have goods delivered on time as stock availability is key. Furthermore, the focus is also on demand forecasting and reduced lead times.

Specialty retail

Key enablers which we build your supply chain solutions around

Realibility pictogram

From sourcing to final mile delivery, gain precision and predictability in execution.

Agility pictogram

Support your multichannel need for speed across flows of cargo, data, documents, and payments

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Cost efficiency

Boost productivity and eliminate efficiencies using our optimised supply chain solutions.


Manage exceptions proactively by constantly tracking supply chain activity, from end to end


Leverage our industry expertise regarding compliant and innovative supply chain solutions


Let our experience in building sustainable supply chains guide your decision making.

Together, we can build a more reliable supply chain

You can depend on us to provide you with multi-routing options, dedicated customer service, carrier management, operational efficiency and more.

Moreover, build a more efficient supply chain by taking advantage of our deep understanding of the retail sector, our expertise in supply chain development, customer experience and sustainability.

All this, through a dedicated account manager.

How Maersk Supply Chain Solutions Create Value for the Retail Industry

Digital innovation and today’s conscious consumers are creating an environment of constant change. Under such circumstances, Maersk Supply Chain solutions can help you build a supply chain that’s both agile and resilient, by addressing all your needs.

For your picky consumers

Build a robust product portfolio covering all categories using Supply Chain Management solutions.

Maersk Supply Chain Management can help you:

  • Support multi-channel requirements.
  • Enjoy speed and reliability across your network.
  • Take advantage of technology that improves supply chain flexibility.
  • Harness agile logistics so that you can concentrate on creating an in-depth product portfolio.
Supply chain management within the retail industry

For your conscious consumers

Become a sustainable ecosystem by stocking goods from all kinds of suppliers with Supply Chain Management solutions.

Maersk Supply Chain Management can help you:

  • Integrate with all kinds of suppliers and service providers.
  • Partner with NGOs, academic institutions, startups and more.
  • Run a multi-tier training and certification program for better operational processes.
Supply chain management within the retail industry

For your savvy consumers

Efficiently meet consumers’ demands in today’s digital world with Supply Chain Management solutions.

Maersk Supply Chain Management can help you with:

  • Supply chain process automation through robotics, AI, predictive analysis, etc.
  • Digital strategies to run pilots efficiently.
  • Automation of planning and manufacturing.
  • Augmentation to experiment with solutions to reduce business risks.
  • End-to-end synchronisation through data integration, tech platforms and more.
Supply chain management within the retail industry

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