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Gain a competitive advantage with precision at every step of your retail supply chain.

Upgrade your retail logistics with precision

Keeping up with the dynamic retail landscape requires precision at every turn. With the surge in e-commerce and growing consumer expectations, retailers need to deliver an experience where convenience and on-time deliveries meet sustainability – all while maintaining a constant inventory flow across all channels. Turn challenges into opportunities with optimised online retail logistics where visibility and flexibility give you the control to keep costs down and ambitions high.  

Proof is in the numbers

Cover every detail of your retail business by tapping into our global network and the resources you need to elevate customer experiences and realise the full potential of your supply chain.
partner from start to finish
Connect your supply chain from end to end by gathering all your logistics needs under one roof.
warehouses in 50+ countries
Meet customer demands with access to strategically located warehousing and distribution.
last-mile carrier partnerships
Optimise your e-commerce experience with the convenience of seamless last-mile deliveries.

End-to-end control of your retail supply chain

Access the key enablers for a reliable supply chain to drive precision and deliver personalised customer experiences throughout your retail supply chain process flow.
Agility pictogram
Quickly respond to disruptions, changes in demand, and market dynamics to maintain a constant flow of inventory without delay.
Efficient Returns Management
Move forward with new ambitions for your business while keeping costs in check and maintaining operational efficiency.
Visibility tool pictogram
Stay one step ahead with full visibility of every step of your supply chain to drive precision and eliminate uncertainty.
Flexibility pictogram
Seamlessly switch gears when needed to optimise business operations and deliver the best customer experiences.

Tailored solutions for your unique retail needs

As a retailer, you have many unique requirements to keep stock levels in check and costs down. That’s why you need the right products and services to ensure your goods are available from the right channels, at the right time, in the right quantity. Take advantage of the flexibility to tailor solutions to cover your retail supply chain management from end to end.

Meet the retailers that bring seamless logistics to life

Join our customers on their journey towards integrated supply chains with the ability to predict, react, and adapt to the dynamic retail landscape and maintain a constant flow of inventory.

Adapt to fluctuating market conditions with supply chain automation

Consumer demand is changing more than ever before. The rapidly fluctuating demand patterns give rise to uncertainty across the retail supply chain – in terms of what consumers buy, where and when they buy it.

Automation helps Macy’s keep up with that volatility by delaying their strategic and operational decisions as much as possible, while delivering with precision to keep the supply chain in a constant flow.

Castlery and Maersk: Transforming Furniture Retail

In 2021, Maersk joined forces with Castlery, a Singaporean furniture brand, aiming to make designer furniture accessible globally. The partnership addressed pandemic-induced supply chain challenges, streamlining operations and boosting online orders by 200%.

With Maersk’s ongoing support, both teams are set to enhance last-mile capabilities and continue fuelling Castlery's growth. The collaborative journey demonstrates a strong foundation to serve a growing global consumer base, nurturing a shared passion for homes. 

Take your retail supply chain all the way

Logistics in retail industry is continuously evolving to keep up with consumer demand and to enhance the customer experience. Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar or online retailer, Maersk offers global and local solutions to achieve strategic inventory management across omnichannel platforms. Our own-controlled assets enable you to take control and react to market dynamics with precision and ease. 

Stay ahead with the latest in retail logistics

Receive the news and insights you need to navigate the complexity of retail and supply chain management and keep up with industry trends. 

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