Maersk E-Commerce Logistics

Optimise your end-to-end e-commerce logistics, with order fulfilment, last-mile and cross-border delivery.

The future of e-commerce logistics is here

The world of e-commerce logistics is currently evolving and transforming. Retailers around the world are becoming more resilient and are quickly adopting omnichannel, direct-to-consumer (D2C) models to reach their consumers.

With Maersk E-Commerce Logistics, we want to empower brands and retailers to pursue a direct-to-consumer model which is seamlessly integrated with their existing B2B supply chain. To do so, we offer E-Delivery and E-Fulfilment products that help our customers  reduce complexities, save time, avoid high costs and sell more regardless of the season.

  • Maersk E-Delivery helps you enter new markets faster by providing best international delivery options to the countries you sell online.
  • Maersk E-Fulfilment helps to pre-preposition your inventory closer to your customer to increase delivery speed while optimising the cost.
E-commerce logistics - An animated illustration depicting the enablement of a direct factory-to-sofa supply chain.

A glimpse of our E-Commerce Logistics benefits

Deliver faster
Meet your customers’ increasing expectations when shipping with Maersk  
Ship global, act local
Expand your e-commerce business thanks to our global reach and local carrier networks
Drive efficiency
Reduce costs and save time with scalable fulfilment and a multi-carrier strategy

Partnering with the best e-commerce service providers

Maersk can connect you with more than 100 last-mile carriers worldwide. We combine services to offer the best solution catering the needs of your online business. We have integrations with:
  • Carrier partner network for fast last-mile delivery
  • B2C fulfilment network
  • Easy integration with e-commerce systems, shopping carts, and track and trace services
Last-mile carrier – A delivery man handing a package to a woman with a Maersk truck in the background.

Maersk as your E-Commerce Logistics partner

Master your processes and optimise your supply chain by partnering with us. Choose between Maersk E-Fulfilment and Maersk E-Delivery, and access competitive advantages such as:
Illustration with Maersk truck and a graph in background
End-to-end transparency and control over your goods
Illustration with World map in background and Maersk ship and flight
International shipping and optimised last-mile delivery
Access to a global network of carriers & better rates
Illustration showing e-cart on a computer screen
Access to a global network of e-commerce fulfilment centres
Easy returns, customs clearance and other value-added services

Global reach, local experts

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