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Meet the new avatar of e-commerce logistics

The pace at which the e-commerce industry transformed itself in under a few years is truly overwhelming. Spurred on by a pandemic and demanding consumer preferences, speed of delivery became the mantra for the business. How did delivery services cope with the skyrocketing demand for e-commerce? What supply chain trends emerged that became industry standards? How must e-commerce businesses prepare themselves for the future? These are the questions that veteran e-commerce panellists from Maersk give a unique insight into in the one-hour Maersk Leader Conversations Webinar titled ‘Optimizing parcel deliveries for today’s consumer’.
Maersk Leader Conversations

What will e-commerce logistics be like tomorrow?

Get real insight into the future of e-commerce logistics. An industry that is rapidly evolving itself to become a primary part of business strategy. Find out more about the shift to omnichannel supply chain models, how technology is becoming the key to supply chain agility and more. Join experts from the field as they give a glimpse of what to expect from e-commerce in 2022.
Changes in e-commerce logistics

How to build a customer-first supply chain

Supply chains can make or break e-commerce businesses. Reliability, speed and excellence are all crucial if you want to deliver the incredible experiences consumers now demand. Omnichannel fulfilment and resilience – from manufacturing to last-mile delivery – are integral to meeting those expectations. But how do you get there?
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What will it take for your supply chain to go from B2B to D2C?

Supply chains, previously built to service bulk orders delivered to a single (or a few) locations, are finding it difficult to keep up with the current surge in e-commerce demand. What will it take for businesses to overhaul their supply chains in a manner that meets demand and exceeds consumer expectations?
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A.P. Moller - Maersk to acquire e-commerce logistics capabilities in Europe and US

Your partnership is of the utmost importance to us as we continue to look for ways to simplify and connect your supply chain. We take pride in meeting your end-to-end needs and we are constantly looking for opportunities to build an offering that brings further ease, flexibility and speed into your logistics network.
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