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Adapting to a Changing Retail Supply Chain

The spread of COVID-19 and ensuing isolation measures has led to a drastic shift in consumer demand that is presenting huge challenges to retailers. For many retailers, forced shop closures and cautious consumer spending has led to a significant downturn in demand for non-essential items resulting in a massive surplus of inventory. Conversely, essential items such as food and medical supplies have seen unprecedented spikes in demand resulting in significant out-of-stock scenarios.

The changing shape of E-commerce Logistics

With millions of consumers switching online amidst stay-at-home measures and the forced closure of non-essential stores, lifestyle companies have had to pivot their logistics to meet the extraordinary rise in e-commerce demand. However, the impact of COVID-19 has made e-commerce logistics more complex than ever before with even the most established online lifestyle companies being pushed to the limit.

In this report that you can get access to below, we examine COVID-19’s impact on e-commerce logistics and interview Martin Holme, Maersk Global Head of Supply Chain Management and E-commerce Logistics and Christoph Stork, Maersk Global Managing Director of E-commerce Logistics to explore what it means for supply chains now, and in the future.

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