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Industry overview

The Lifestyle industry takes centre stage and increasing transparency means brands are held more accountable than ever before. E-commerce is rising. There is an increased appetite for buying “right away” – or buying somewhere else. Social media has not only put the end-consumer in control, it has increased competition by helping small brands grow.

More recently, change has come in the form of events such as Brexit, disruptions caused by the China-USA trade war, and a possible slowdown in the global economy. In this climate, Lifestyle companies are looking to respond to customer demands that revolve around increased consumer interaction, speed-to-market, flexibility and sustainability. Maersk serves as a global partner that acts as an extension of your logistics and transport department. Our goal is to understand your needs.

We understand that these are the strong characteristics for your industry:

Peace of mind

Consumer Trends

  • Radical need for transparency and sustainability.
  • Greater speed in responding to changing consumer dynamics.
  • Increasing need for agile made-to-order production and changing demands across locations.


  • Global coverage to support growth across an evolving geographic footprint.
  • Rapid emergence of sales in specific markets.
  • Shift in sourcing locations.

Supply Change Efficiency

  • Consumer oriented and demand-driven supply chain.
  • Ever-faster speed to market requiring a higher degree of productivity through greater efficiency and control.
  • More integrated end-to-end processes reducing friction in the supply chain.

Do you have the courage to ‘self-disrupt’?

Today’s fashion and lifestyle consumers are defining product trends. In order to meet their demands, your business needs to have the courage to ‘self-disrupt’ your own identity along with the sources of old successes to realize change and win a new generations of customers.

Get a sneak peek into how Maersk can help you build both agility and resilience in times of constant change.

Lifestyle digital solutions

”The consumer psyche is changing fast. Technology leaders such as Amazon, Uber, Netflix and Deliveroo have raised customer expectations in terms of speed and convenience.”

McKinsey and BOF
The State of Fashion 2019

Made for Change is the underpinning of our current actions and future aspirations. It details how we are fusing our focus on growth, value creation, and innovation with our steadfast commitment to lead our industry into a more sustainable future.

Steve Rendle, Chairman and CEO VF Corp. 2018
Apparel Insider

A solution that makes a real difference

Today’s Fashion and Lifestyle consumers are increasingly expecting companies to embrace sustainability. To meet those demands, H&M Group are committed to lead the fashion industry into a more sustainable future. Ocean transport plays a vital role in the industry, so H&M have chosen Maersk ECO Delivery to support a greener transport.

Get a sneak peek into how Maersk and H&M have joined forces in exploring sustainable solutions for the future.

The changing shape of E-commerce Logistics

With millions of consumers switching online amidst stay-at-home measures and the forced closure of non-essential stores, lifestyle companies have had to pivot their logistics to meet the extraordinary rise in e-commerce demand. However, the impact of COVID-19 has made e-commerce logistics more complex than ever before with even the most established online lifestyle companies being pushed to the limit.

In this report that you can get access to below, we examine COVID-19’s impact on e-commerce logistics and interview Martin Holme, Maersk Global Head of Supply Chain Management and E-commerce Logistics and Christoph Stork, Maersk Global Managing Director of E-commerce Logistics to explore what it means for supply chains now, and in the future.

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