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The time to lower your ocean shipping’s carbon footprint, is now.

Maersk has set its sights on going climate-neutral by 2040 with new technology, new vessels, and new fuels. A serious climate commitment that we are undertaking to support your challenging carbon reduction targets. Introducing one of our most effective solutions to decarbonising your ocean logistics - Maersk ECO Delivery - an innovative product that replaces fossil fuels with green fuels, giving you an easy choice to transport your cargo responsibly and grow your business. It’s just one of the ways that we go all the way to help drive sustainability in our customers’ supply chains.

A beacon for companies with ambitious decarbonisation targets

In the space of just a few years, there has been a steep change in the commitment across society to reduce carbon emissions. We are working closely with a broad range of customers to further develop our offerings around green fuels. Maersk ECO Delivery has enabled many of our customers to move a step closer to net-zero emissions from supply chain-related activities. Its advantages include:

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Immediate carbon savings

  • Better than carbon offsetting, which takes time to give real carbon reduction results
  • Maersk ECO Delivery reduces carbon emissions at source by purchasing sustainable green fuels and adding it to Maersk’s ocean network.
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  • Carbon emissions savings are measured according to GLEC methodologies.
  • Only ISCC certified fuels and feedstocks with proof of sustainability (POS) are used.
  • CO2 emissions savings calculations are based on Clean Cargo methodology.
  • Independent audit conducted on CO2 emission savings according to ISAE 3410.
Flexibility and ease program

Easy & flexible

  • Choosing Maersk ECO Delivery is easy, simply add it to your contract.
  • You fully control the cost and you are not committed to a long time investment.
  • Apply your carbon savings to specific geographies and products to align with your sustainability strategy.
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Efficient & risk-free

  • Superior carbon abatement potential to support your carbon savings targets.
  • Cost-effective with no new investment needed in training and infrastructure.
  • Get instant carbon emissions savings, not carbon offsetting.
  • Respond to regulatory, market and social requirements with greater supply chain sustainability.

Maersk ECO Delivery uses FAME biofuels. Find out why and how and everything in between

Sustainability goals can only be met if we take immediate and concreate steps. This determines our choice of biofuels for our 326 strong fleet as well. Learn more about what constitutes green biofuels in shipping and their sustainable benefit for your business by downloading this info sheet.
Eco delivery

Get a Maersk ECO Delivery CO2 saving certificate

Add credible proof to your sustainability efforts with the CO2 certificate from Maersk ECO Delivery. This document states how many tonnes of CO2 emissions your company has saved in a year. It includes important information like amount of green fuel used, FFEs shipped and detailed information on CO2 saving well-to-wheel and tank-to-wheel. Find out how to get your CO2 certificate.

Get a Maersk ECO Delivery CO2 saving certificate

A perfect fit to achieve serious sustainable goals

With the clear sustainability purpose, Electrolux aims to achieve climate neutrality in its operations by 2030 and throughout the value chain by 2050. Electrolux sees a partner in Maersk who also has ambitious commitments to reducing carbon emissions and has signed up for Maersk ECO Delivery to make a difference. Filippo Milanese, Chief Purchasing Officer at Electrolux, reveals three reasons why he thinks Maersk is a perfect fit for Electrolux; and how together they can show end-consumers that they are serious about change and ready to walk the talk on matters of sustainability.

Logistics with a conscience

Novo Nordisk and Maersk are partnering to transport time-sensitive pharmaceutical cargo while taking a step towards decarbonising ocean logistics. Watch this video produced by The Economist and discover how we helped Novo Nordisk move closer to their goal of achieving a net-zero carbon footprint in their supply chains.

Together on the journey towards sustainability

Prioritising sustainability within supply chains is becoming increasingly important for the H&M Group.

The long-term vision of the H&M Group is a fossil-free supply chain. The company’s collaboration with Maersk is critical to achieving this through solutions like Maersk ECO Delivery, intermodal transportation like electric rail and biofuel trucking with 90% CO2 reduction, and warehouses in Asia setup with solar panels. Get a glimpse of how this collaboration is making a true impact.

Backed by three seals of trust

Maersk ECO Delivery is a solution that is backed by some of the most trusted and respected environment and emissions bodies in the world. Their accreditation, verification and proven methodologies are proof that your carbon savings are tangible and real.

International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC)

ISCC is a certification system for all sustainable raw materials and markets, wherein the entire supply chain from raw material to end product is certified and traceable through proof of sustainability documentation.
Member of RSB

Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC)

GLEC is a universal method developed for calculating logistics emissions across all transport mediums from road, rail, air and sea to inland waterways and transhipment centres.
Member of RSB

Clean Cargo Initiative

Clean Cargo is the global standard for carbon emissions calculation in the ocean container shipping sector, which helps to track and benchmark performances and present it in a standard format to customers.
Member of RSB

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