Creating value for the Lifestyle industry

Tailor-made supply chain solutions that fit every aspect of your business to a tee.

Creating services tailored to you

At Maersk, we help the lifestyle industry with seamless solutions, led by experts who understand the unique requirements and standards of your industry. We leverage this knowledge to build our supply chain solutions around customer needs, allowing us to serve some of the world´s most visible brands.

Our consultative approach to solutions leads us to understand and focus on key industry segments:

Sports, Outdoors and Lifestyle brands

Our first sub-vertical covers brands associated with several activities. It spans:

  • Sports apparel and equipment.
  • Outdoors seasonal activities.
  • Apparel and footwear brands – from casualwear to basics.
  • Fashion retail (brands providing fashionable items at affordable prices with seasonal sales and fast cycles).

These industries are rapidly growing and the expectation of a continued exponential growth leads to challenges in the supply chain.

sports outdoors lifestyle

Luxury brands

Luxury brands commonly comprise apparel, luggage and eyewear firms. Today, consumers at every income level want luxury, which has led to a period of exponential growth in recent years. The industry is predicted to continue growing rapidly in the coming years, with more challenges in the supply chain on the horizon.

luxury brands lifestyle


The Toy industry covers brands selling physical toys, games, and other toy-related accessories. The industry is characterised by new manufacturers producing hundreds of new toy varieties, making the industry a crowded and diverse place. This industry expansion leads to more supply chain complexity, increasing the need for efficiency and visibility.


Baby strollers

These are brands dedicated to baby equipment, including strollers. The safety of the child is of utmost importance. Adding to the complexity of the supply chain is the need to stay on top of fashion trends and colours while producing in a sustainable way.

strollers lifestyle

Textile manufacturers

These are companies dedicated to the production of textiles to be used in manufacturing. The market is highly competitive, and customers have great demands, requiring faster, timely and accurate delivery. Like many others, textile manufacturers have looked towards digital solutions to improve quality while reducing costs and delivery times.

Textile manufacturers lifestyle

A value-driven partnership

Our team works as an extension of yours, living your strategy and staying focused on your business growth. To plan, execute, and optimise the flow of your cargo, documents, and information we combine three of our big strengths; robust processes and systems; an integrated, global, technology platform; and most importantly some of the finest, most experienced minds in supply chain management.

Your supply chain managed your way

Working closely with some of the top lifestyle brands in the world has given us a deep understanding of how unique your challenges and opportunities can be. Over the years, we developed a range of flexible solutions and Value-Added Services that we tap into to customise supply chain management for you.

This will help you achieve:
Reliable time
Build robust processes and business continuity plans within your supply chain to be able to bounce back from disruptions.
Flexibility pictogram
Flexibility and agility
Empowering you with the ability to place inventory according to market demand rather than building buffer inventory.
Increase inventory speed to market, ensuring that your product gets to the shelves precisely on time and as planned.
Realibility pictogram
Reduce frictions within your supply chain with fewer handovers thanks to a reliable partner who ensures cost-efficiency.
Experience customised processes with seamless system data communication between our systems and yours.
Get better alternatives to specific supply chain processes to help your businesses’ overall sustainability goals.

The changing shape of E-commerce Logistics

With millions of consumers switching online amidst stay-at-home measures and the forced closure of non-essential stores, lifestyle companies have had to pivot their logistics to meet the extraordinary rise in e-commerce demand. However, the impact of COVID-19 has made e-commerce logistics more complex than ever before with even the most established online lifestyle companies being pushed to the limit.

In this report that you can get access to below, we examine COVID-19’s impact on e-commerce logistics and interview Martin Holme, Maersk Global Head of Supply Chain Management and E-commerce Logistics and Christoph Stork, Maersk Global Managing Director of E-commerce Logistics to explore what it means for supply chains now, and in the future.

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