Introducing Maersk Spot

A simple and seamless way to transport your goods with ocean and inland in one booking.

Imagine if a restaurant was like shipping

You wouldn't accept complex booking, overbooking nor price uncertainty. So why do it in shipping? Introducing Maersk Spot with loading guarantee, easy online booking and a fixed price at booking.

Now Maersk Spot also covers inland.

The logistics industry is changing very fast with digital and internet and we need to embrace the new age. Maersk Spot is helping us to improve our efficiency by saving time and communication costs with quick responses for inquiries and with space guarantee.
We like the convenience and ease of doing business and also believe the information transparency that goes with Maersk Spot will be helpful to improve the healthy competition environment in our industry.

Melissa Liu
General Manager, Interfreight Logistics Co., Ltd

Why choose Maersk Spot

Loading guarantee
Guaranteed loading

Whether it is peak season or not, you can be sure that your cargo will receive load guarantee.

Fixed price
Fixed price at booking

Get your final price upfront at booking - all-in and no unforeseen charges.

Online booking
Easy online booking

Get a full overview online of available departures, arrivals and transit times. And get your cargo moving in just a few clicks. 

Inland & ocean in one booking
Get your goods all the way. Less complexity. Less hassle.
Simple claim process
Rollable option
Earn a good bargain for your non-time sensitive cargo. Select Rollable and get compensation in case of a rollover.

Maersk Spot helps us keep our own clients happy in that we significantly reduce waiting times for rates, and it gives us guarantee and assurance. Once the booking is placed, we know there won’t be any space issues.

Karthick Kumar
St. John Freight Systems Limited

We find Maersk Spot very innovative and easy to use. Now we don't have to wait for rates, since with Maersk Spot we immediately see the available rates and departures. But really what I like the most is that there is a price difference between departure dates. This means that if you plan your business well you can generate savings, since almost always the further out you book the cheaper the price.

Silvio Gonzalez
Compañía Recicladora de Nicaragua S.A.

Mobile booking

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Maersk spot booking

Can shipping be simple?

Read how continuous innovation have evolved Maersk Spot and helped solving some of the inefficiencies in the industry.

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