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In the world of complex logistics and supply chains uncertainties, Maersk Spot offers features that can make your logistics effortless.

Ocean and inland in one booking

Whether your cargo is taking the road or boarding a ship, booking remains incredibly simple on Maersk Spot. You can book both the phases in one go. With a full-service solution you get single point of contact and more flexibility.

  • One partner from start to finish: Interact with single point of contact from origin to last mile for all your requirements.
  • Digitised processes: All services and shipment are available online, bringing you a streamlined experience.
  • Extensive global network: Enjoy global coverage so that you can reach nearly every local market in the world.
  • Expert handling: Ensure smooth and efficient logistics with a dedicated team of specialists.
ocean and inland in one booking

Buy more time for your cargo

When you're pressed for time and your cargo’s onward journey is uncertain, a standard Freetime window can be insufficient, leading to high demurrage charges. To avoid high D&D charges and additional administrative hassle for your business you can add extra detention Freetime to your shipment at time of booking.

With Spot Freetime Extension, you have the option to choose from multiple Freetime slots. Along with more choices, you get a completely transparent experience as the additional slots come with upfront fixed prices.

Additionally, you can extend Freetime when your cargo is still on-water before vessel arrival at port. You can easily add Freetime extension to an existing booking through Learn more about Freetime Extension and how to add it to your booking here.

  • More choices: Choose to extend Freetime up to 14 days additional detention Freetime.
  • Transparent: Get a complete overview of costs with a fixed price upfront.
  • Cost-effective: Save up to 80% when you buy additional Freetime upfront at time of booking. When purchasing additional Freetime when cargo is on water you can save up to 20% over tariff.
  • Easy to add: Extend Freetime in simple steps, right from the booking screen.
buy more time for your cargo

To get an overview of the standard Freetime for your country please download the file below.

Do you have cargo that's not time-bound?

If your cargo is not time-sensitive, you have the option to mark it as Rollable. Should there be a situation where cargo needs to be rolled, the ones marked as Rollable will be undertaken first and you will get you get automatic compensation without any action required from your end.

Rollables allow you to optimise your transportation cost for your non time-sensitive cargo and prevent delays in critical cargo’s journey.

Note: Cargo marked as Rollable may be rolled – but only once. And you can check updates any time in the Shipment Binder.

do you have cargo thats not time bound

Modify bookings instantly

With Maersk Spot, you can instantly modify all your bookings online and get a clear overview of the revised quotes and space availability upfront.

More power to you

  • Speed: Get instant confirmation on booking amendment requests
  • Full visibility: Get a complete overview of revised quotes and space availability upfront
  • Easy access: Change your bookings 24/7, on

Note: You can amend the following information: Departure, pickup depot, pickup date, load address, numbers of containers, inland and store-door attachment or removal, shipment parties, weight and commodity.

Modify bookings

Value-added services

Take advantage of Maersk’s wide range of integrated value-added services to upgrade your logistics experience.

Value Protect

Even in the safest hands, accidents happen. Value Protect is a simple and smart way to protect your cargo from many logistics-related risks. It provides alternative carriage terms that offer higher recovery limits on shipping claims.

  • Simple claims process
  • Single point of contact
  • One invoice
  • No additional cost
  • Easy pricing
  • Peace of mind
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Weighing and VGM Transmission Services by Maersk

Meet your one stop shop for accurate and worry-free VGM processing. Maersk offers a hassle-free way to get your cargo weighed and certified before transportation. You can book Weighing and VGM Transmission Services on the export shipment binder after logging into

  • Save time
  • Reduce errors
  • Fast processing
  • Save money
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Container status pictogram

Premium Quality Containers

You can book premium containers to meet your cargo’s specific requirements. Grade M containers are food grade units for transporting food, food-related or cube-sensitive products. Grade S, in addition to Grade M's features, also has reinforced walls and doors for bulk liquids.

Frequently asked questions

Browse through some of our most raised questions on Maersk Spot. We hope they give you more clarity on how we help you ship your cargo with an easy online booking system, a fixed price and guaranteed loading.

Maersk Spot helps us keep our own clients happy in that we significantly reduce waiting times for rates, and it gives us guarantee and assurance. Once the booking is placed, we know there won’t be any space issues.

Karthick Kumar
St. John Freight Systems Limited

We really like the concept of Freetime Extension. It saves time wasted in asking for extra Freetime. I’m able to offer 21 days of Freetime upfront to all customers that I quote.

Laura Goumon
Inside Sales, Philippe Fauveder & Cie St Nazaire

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