Value Protect

Protect your cargo from accidents like fire, theft and bad weather.

What is Value Protect?

We know that incidents can occur even in the safest hands, with implications for our cargo and business. Value Protect will provide an extra layer of security when transporting your cargo with us.

Value Protect is a simple add-on product to protect your cargo. It is applicable to all commodities and can be used in addition to your standard coverage. Simple yet efficient, it extends the liability for terms of carriage to cover aspects that are not usually included in traditional terms, whether those are damages caused by delay or fire.

Value Protect can be added to your contract or shipment in just one click during the booking process, giving you less worry and bringing you additional peace of mind.


Why choose Value Protect?

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Peace of mind

Value Protect provides extra security for your cargo during transportation, protecting you and your customers' interests with a seamless experience.

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Competitive pricing

A one-off charge is invoiced based on your chosen package with a fixed cost.

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Simple claim process

Our simple four-step claim process enables you to focus on the important things while we handle the rest.

One point of contact

Gain access to our dedicated customer service team. In case of an incident, you will be informed by our team proactively, with a status update of the possible impact and involvement of your container.

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One invoice

Value Protect is included in your standard shipping invoice for your convenience.

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No additional cost

You don’t have to worry about any unpleasant surprises. From the first dollar, we cover the total loss of your cargo up to the recovery package compensation limit.

What are the inclusions and exclusions of Value Protect?

At the core of preparedness

Transporting fresh fruit across the globe is a complicated business, as it is a constant race against time. For fruit export companies like Open Markets Corp and Core Fruit, losses due to delays have limited coverage offered by traditional marine insurance. However, with a combination of Maersk Value Protect and Captain Peter, transporting time-sensitive produce allows them to not only react to delays faster, but also recover from losses with a simple and easy claims process.

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Frequently asked questions

Need to get a bit more clarity? Here are some of the most raised questions we receive about our Value Protect product. We do hope it helps you make a better decision on protecting your goods from logistics-related risks.

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Do you want to avoid container damage and cleaning disputes?

Container damage and cleaning disputes happen frequently, causing avoidable delays. Wouldn’t you rather have all this handled quietly in the background?

Container Protect by Maersk saves you from the hassle of disputes and paperwork by providing transparent coverage against container damage and cleaning costs.

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