Value Protect

A solution to keep your cargo protected from logistics-related risks.

What is Value Protect?

Transportation carriers are often responsible only for their legal liability for damage caused to your goods, which may not be equal to the full value of your cargo. In many cases, they may not be liable for the loss or damage at all.

That is why we are pleased to offer Value Protect as a part of our logistics offering. It is a solution to keep the value of your cargo protected from logistics-related risks during its transportation. If you want to look out for your high-value shipments or stop worrying about lost cargo, we can help. Take a look below at the options and select the most suitable package for your needs.

Value Protect

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Frequently asked questions

Need to get a bit more clarity? Here are some of the most raised questions we receive about our Value Protect product. We do hope it helps you make a better decision on protecting your goods from logistics-related risks.

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