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The current state of play in the lifestyle space

As the worldwide demand for sports apparel and athleisure wear continues to grow, so does the need for a robust supply chain management setup. In an increasingly competitive market, the right strategy is essential to give you the edge that helps you stay on top of your game.

Maersk’s suite of sports and outdoor logistics solutions is designed to do just that. Our integrated approach helps connect you to global markets, improve real-time supply chain visibility and end-to-end control by leveraging digital data.

It also unifies the fragmented elements of your supply chain into a seamless and consolidated setup. All this with an eye on long-term sustainability and reducing your carbon footprint.

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Enhanced e-commerce capabilities
Leveraging digital technology, supplemented by our recent acquisition of Visible SCM, can help transform and unify your online and offline channels, enabling seamless e-returns and last-mile delivery.
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Sustainable transport solutions
Maersk ECO Delivery gives you the option to grow your business while minimising its potential environmental impact, by using low-carbon fuels that help reduce carbon emissions by up to 85%.
Bringing brands and customers closer
With the steady growth of the internet marketplace, a proactive lifestyle logistics strategy gives you a golden opportunity to interact directly with your customers and reach them faster than ever before.
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Gaining a commercial edge
With Asia-Pacific currently the 2nd largest sports apparel market in the world, an integrated logistics setup gives you the tools you need to stay ahead of the strong competition in the marketplace.

How our logistics solutions can help you take sport to every corner of the world

Learn how our customers in the retail segment have benefited from integrated supply chain setups.

Transport services that get business back on track

In 2020, Decathlon was faced with various global supply chain setbacks caused by the pandemic. Our Intercontinental Rail service helped provide a solution in the form of a dedicated block train service connecting them from Vietnam to Europe.

Maersk’s transport services for Decathlon – A female and a male athlete jogging signifying sport is back on track.

Harnessing digital information for faster finishes

As a company that prides itself in being at the forefront of innovation, Puma’s speed-to-market was being hindered by slow container release updates. Implementing TradeLens helped them leverage the power of data to receive port notifications in real time and get their processes back up to speed.

TradeLens - A laptop with a woman athlete powering her way from a racetrack, indicating the shift in Puma’s supply chain.

Giving new wings to global business opportunities

Despite port closures in Colombia due to workers’ strikes, Accur8 Distribution was able to circumvent the potential delays by pivoting to the Maersk Air Freight solution. This helped ensure they met the market demand, while also saving time and money.

A rear view of a plane in the sky, signifying the new wings Maersk Air freight gave to Accur8 Distribution.

Integration and the future of sports retail

In a highly dynamic and fluid marketplace, an integrated logistics management setup is key to helping sports apparel brands maximise their business potential. A singular information platform helps keep up with seasonal trends, reach a wider audience, and maintain better control over processes from beginning to end.

Impact of sports industry trends on supply chains – A woman working out with training equipment.

The new frontier of consumer retail

As the internet economy continues to evolve at a rapid pace, direct-to-customer marketing promises to open up unexplored avenues for every global brand. Connecting your business directly to your customers’ homes can help you scale up like never before. Find out why a robust, integrated sports and outdoor logistics setup needs to be at the very core of this potential commercial success.

Logistics for D2C marketing – A happy young woman watching something on her mobile.

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