The simple, fast and convenient way to check a haulage price online – instantly. Simply log in and enter a route and date. If you have a contract with special rates, you will see your contract rate. Otherwise, you will see our standard tariff rate.

  1. Click Prices on the top menu.
  2. Click on the INLAND TRANSPORT PRICE button under the ‘Inland price lookup’ box.
  3. Fill in your inland haulage country, inland location, gateway port and select the check box if you know the inland location is a container yard.
  4. Select your container and haulage date and enter a service contract number if available. Submit the request online by clicking Look up to get the inland service contract or tariff rates instantly.
  5. On the result page, you will find haulages and inland related charges on per container level.

Learn more about instant rates for inland transportation.

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