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What's the UPSIDE?

The automobile industry is undergoing a huge transformation, as drivetrains change and more connected experiences are incorporated into vehicles. Choosing the right partner to share your journey can make all the difference. We can help you foresee trends, create new opportunities in markets and enable better-informed, quicker decisions. With innovative digital visibility tools and proactive integrated automotive supply chain solutions, we ensure that there’s an UPSIDE to your journey, no matter which road you choose to take.

Automotive logistics solutions

The automotive industry is undergoing a radical transformation. The advent of mobility advancements such as electric and connected cars has put the industry on a high-speed expressway, propelling it to a future that is shrouded in complexity.

With increasing customer demands and expectations in terms of configurations and user experience, more parts are going into vehicles than before. That’s why, as a component manufacturer, you face an inherent need to produce more components than the OEMs themselves.

While manufacturing auto components is one thing, delivering them to your world markets on time is another. Increasing political unrest, the recent coronavirus outbreak, increased protectionism and tariffs are all potential road bumps on this journey.

Automotive Logistic Solutions

Every component matters

Tens of thousands of components - big and small - go into the marvel that is an automobile. This means that all the parts need to be in the right place at the right time. Delays are not acceptable – because they risk pausing the assembly line.

To ensure that all your components move like clockwork, you need a logistics offering which gives you utmost control, reliability and transparency. From end to end, departure to destination, our automotive supply chain solutions are designed to give you just that.

Every Component Matters

Adding value to our customers

With Maersk as your partner, take advantage of our deep understanding of the Automotive industry to build a more efficient supply chain.

We focus on offering agile solutions characterised by safety and digital innovation, led by a global team of highly talented logistics professionals.

Automotive industry supply chain solutions

In the view of increasingly complex supplier relationships, it is important for the BMW Group to work together with suppliers to increase transparency and resource efficiency along the supply chain.

BMW Annual Report 2018

Panama regional distribution centre

One of the hallmarks of success is being at the right place at the right time. That’s exactly what our latest offering, the Panama regional distribution centre, makes possible. Being at a strategic location – The Americas Hub, this distribution centre offers last-mile distribution, airfreight to 60+ countries, cross border and consolidation services, and a lot more. Experience world-class infrastructure and state-of-the-art logistics solutions, all from the Panama regional distribution centre.

Cost Containment

Visibility and control are two key factors that fuel the automotive industry to leap forward. Without which lead times can increase and can spike up your over-heads across the multiple silos. At Maersk, our integrated automotive supply chain solutions are designed to help you see through your supply chain and take actions. So tens of thousands of your components reach just-in-time and just as planned.

Cost Containment

Inventory Optimisation

Automotive components are sourced from different suppliers, by different parties, across different regions, using different modes of transport. Tens of thousands of these components need to culminate in the right place at the right time for an automobile to be rolled out just-in-time. At Maersk, we help you do that by giving you better control, visibility, speculation, and planning. From end to end.

Inventory Optimisation

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