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Industry overview

The automotive ecosystem has seen a sea of changes. What worked ten years ago is not a successful strategy anymore. The consumer has evolved. They now prefer safety over speed; eco-friendliness over mileage and function over form. Together, these factors have given an all-new direction to the industry.

Autonomous cars, electric vehicles, and mobility and sustainability are some of the biggest disruptors. As a result, it has become important that the auto giants identify gaps in their businesses and adapt to the changes as soon as possible.

We have identified three key trends in your industry

Electric battery car pictogram

Electric vehicles and batteries

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are pumping more investment into the development of their electric vehicle platforms.
  • Forecasts show that electric and hybrid vehicles may represent over 50% of the vehicles sold in 2030. Batteries are becoming a major component of automotive logistics (Over 4,000 battery cells are used in one vehicle!).
  • As the use of batteries has grown, it has become evident that the safety and environmental regulations are fragmented and expected to drive up the need for expertise in battery supply chain management.
Mobility pictogram


  • Car ownership is changing from individuals to fleets. However, this is not expected to impact the number of cars sold, only the ownership titles.
  • For developing countries, owning a vehicle will continue to be associated with prestige.


  • As electric vehicle technology advances, common vehicle platforms across models may become more prevalent. This has the potential to change supply chains and production models, enabling access to new players, high-tech platforms and design of new vehicles.

Adding value to our customers

With Maersk as your partner, take advantage of our deep understanding of the Automotive industry to build a more efficient supply chain.

We focus on offering agile solutions characterised by safety and digital innovation, led by a global team of highly talented logistics professionals.

Automotive industry supply chain solutions

In the view of increasingly complex supplier relationships, it is important for the BMW Group to work together with suppliers to increase transparency and resource efficiency along the supply chain.

BMW Annual Report 2018

Keeping pace with the opportunities

In 2020 Vega Innovations made headlines in the automotive industry with their first-ever electric supercar - the Vega EVX. After rave reviews in popular journals, Vega EVX was ready for her global showcase at the prestigious Geneva International Motor Show.

Read more to know how our customised car logistics solutions raced against time to deliver the supercar for her great unveil.

Maersk brings the Vega electric car to the Geneva Motor Show

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