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What is Cars in Containers?

Cars in Containers (CiC) enables the seamless transportation of finished vehicles from manufacturing plants to global destinations using containers. This solution works as a capable complement to traditional RoRo shipping.

Our innovative vehicle shipping service ensures a safer, faster and efficient path to market which enhances cost efficiency and flexibility in your automotive supply chain. It also helps reduce transportation risks and greenhouse emissions during auto shipping. Stay ahead of the competition and optimise your Finished Vehicle Logistics, all the way.

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Why complete your supply chain with Cars in Containers?

Roll-on Roll-off (RoRo) is the traditional choice for most Finished Vehicle Logistics (FVL) across the world, but space can be a constraint in this mode. Moreover, it may not meet the required sustainability standards, time to market needs and cash flow efficiencies that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) demand.

Each car must be professionally handled to avoid any missteps or damages while being transported from factories to dealers.  Moreover, our team performs pre-delivery inspections (PDIs) before the vehicles are handed over to the customer.

For OEMs looking to capture market share and enter new geographies, Cars in Containers is a viable solution which offers quick, efficient ways to get Completely Built-up Units (CBUs) to their target destinations.

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Why do you need Cars in Containers?

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Enhanced security
Containerised vehicle logistics ensure cars are secured and protected from external elements.
Extra seal
Reduced damage risk
Containerisation and lashing decrease the damage rates as there are fewer touchpoints throughout the journey.
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Flexible transportation
Containerised transportation solutions offer the flexibility to choose weekly sailings from most key origins and our global multimodal network.
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Optimised logistics planning
Cars in Containers is a great complimentary option to RoRo which can enhance predictability and efficiency in logistics planning.
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Expand access to remote locations for smaller-volume consignments and secure long-term contracts for cost stability, ensuring effective planning for OEMs.

How does Cars in Containers work?

Cars in containers involves loading finished vehicles into standard dry containers. Each vehicle is positioned, and immobilised (secured/lashed) within the container floor or racks to ensure safe transportation. Because the cars are containerised, they can be moved using multiple modes of transport, which comes in handy especially before and after the ocean journey. Upon arrival to the depot, cars are carefully unloaded and inspected for any damage, ensuring secure and efficient vehicle transportation.

What are the core benefits of Maersk Cars in Containers?

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Reduce inventory build-up at origin and order to delivery times with predictable weekly departures to destinations world-wide.
Our secure techniques guarantee that your vehicles (including EVs) remain shielded from external elements throughout the journey, from origin to destination.

Improve your carbon footprint by reducing carbon emissions in comparison to traditional RoRo shipping.


Optimise for smaller-volume consignments of vehicles with access to a greater number of remote locations at higher frequencies.

Here's how Maersk Cars in Containers enabled zero-damage deliveries for Toyota Gibraltar

When Toyota Gibraltar Stockholding Ltd. (TGS) wanted a more efficient solution to manage end-to-end deliveries of their customised 4 x 4 vehicles, Maersk's weekly shipping services, wider network of ports and better overall security proved to be the right choice. 

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Looking for a safe and flexible, end-to-end solution for finished vehicles?

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