Please find here our revised requirements regarding metal scrap (Non IMDG, dry cargo).

Please know that when shipping metal scrap (Non IMDG, dry cargo) the below document needs to be signed once a year to confirm your agreement and compliance to our regulations.

Find the document here: Scrap regulation agreement

General info

Metal scrap consists of recyclable materials left over from product manufacturing and consumption, such as parts of vehicles, building supplies, and surplus materials. Synonyms include: metal scrap, iron scrap, aluminum scrap, ferrous scrap, used metal, spent metal, old metal, used auto spare parts, recycling, plastic.

Accepted policy

- Preferable packed in bags, IBC (big bags) or drums.
- If in bundles or blocks, free spaces should be filled with segregation material to avoid movement of the cargo during transport.
- Scrap must be dry. Snow, rain water etc. must be drained / cleared before loading.
- Scrap must be classified under “Basel convention” and comply with import restrictions.
- From/to or through European Union, an Annex VII must be presented by shipper upon request.

Bulk stuffing

- Container walls and floor must be covered plywood sheets or liner depending on the nature of the cargo (see photo below)
- Solid bulkhead must be installed at the door end
- Containers are allowed to be tilted to a maximum of 15 degrees during loading/unloading
- Empty container has to be returned in clean and odorless condition, free of residues and dunnage used to protect the container.

NOT accepted policy

- Scrap in OT or Reefer container.
- Military or nuclear industry or dangerous goods scrap.
- Batteries.
- Scrap contaminated with oil, plastic, acid etc.
- Scrap classified under “Basel convention amber list and/or “notification procedure”.
- Containers may not be placed in an upright position during loading/unloading.

Accepted stuffing

Prohibited stuffing

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