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Simplify your carrier bookings.

So much to do, so little time

Booking consignments on your own is not easy. Neither is it an efficient use of your time. We know that given a choice, you would prefer to concentrate on tactical and strategic decisions rather than solving operational booking issues. Tasks like coordinating across multiple supplier geographies is not your core business. Neither is worrying about booking deadlines, documentation and demurrage or detention costs.

What you need is an experienced partner that knows how to navigate the world of booking. One that who can simplify both booking creation and management, proactively.

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The Maersk booking experience

Choosing a reliable partner is vital to the successful creation and management of your carrier bookings. Maersk Booking Services is an all-in-one solution that offers visibility and a single point of contact to manage your day-to-day booking execution and communication with your contracted carriers and suppliers. All the while ensuring you remain in control with an overview of cargo bookings, costs and performance insights.

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Your advantage, all the way

Partnering with Maersk helps to improve the booking operations part of your business. We enhance supply chain productivity and allow for a shift from a fixed booking expense to a more variable cost. We can also equip you with data and insights for better-informed contract negotiations with shipping carriers.

When outsourcing your shipment booking to Maersk Booking Services, you will gain from our expertise, network and integrated data solutions – a powerful combination that gives you the main benefits of:

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Single point of contact

With one point of contact, you have a partner who removes the hassle of coordinating between multiple suppliers and carriers.

  • Enjoy worry-free cargo bookings that adhere to deadlines and reduce unnecessary costs
  • Expand your global reach with Maersk’s worldwide network
  • Constant care on exception management
  • Accurate document processing and management
Digital Complexity

State-of-the-art technology

In a world of continuous change, Maersk can provide you with simplicity and visibility through automated IT solutions.

  • No need to invest in your own booking and visibility tools
  • Automated submission of VGM and shipping instructions to carriers
  • Milestone visibility throughout the shipment process
  • Carrier, volume and supplier performance dashboards

Frequently asked questions

Browse through some of our most raised questions on Booking Services. We hope they give you more clarity on what we can offer to make your day to day booking operations a seamless and worry-free experience.

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