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At Maersk, we ensure that your automotive logistics runs smoothly by making sure that your components reach your markets just-in-time, so that your customers’ assembly lines are never slowed. In turn, this helps you significantly improve your customer relationships and profit margins.

Our people, technology, and network are dedicated to working tirelessly so you can enjoy a happy flow of cargo: all the way from sourcing to your customers’ doorsteps.

Discover our three unique value-added solutions

Every dollar matters

We help you optimise your overheads by minimising unnecessary expediting costs, speculating acceleration process, and enhancing the incident management. Our intuitive 4PL platform improves visibility and helps you turn raw information into actionable insights for quicker decision-making.

Faster decision-making decreases lead-time across fragmented functions. This, in turn, gets your cargo not just running quickly, but also in a smooth and seamless manner, ensuring that your costs are reduced drastically.

Every part matters

As a component manufacturer, your products need to reach your markets just in time. If your cargo arrives early, your overheads in terms of storage are bound to increase. But if they arrive late, it’ll halt the assembly line.

With Maersk, you can be sure that your components reach the right place at the right time. We enable this by decreasing the degree of variability. By speeding up or slowing down the flow of your cargo by carefully planning, coordinating and reviewing the lead-times.

We analyse the critical path for you – be it transit time, point of entry, resilience, product worth or transportation modes – so you always have the right information at the right time to make key decisions on-the-go.

Furthermore, with NeoNav - our latest visibility platform in conjunction with E2Open capabilities – you can now enjoy utmost transparency via our multi-tier inventory view, giving you higher levels of control, speed, and resilience – from end to end.

Every network matters

Market demands for your components can surge up or down frequently. Ensuring that all your automotive parts reach your customers across the world in a seamless manner isn’t easy. Unless, that is, you can bank on a reliable network.

At Maersk, our continuous improvement processes integrate data, strategy and resources to ensure that your components always move via the most optimised supply chain networks in the world.

Our dependable ocean and inland solutions coupled with alternative modes of transport are designed to help you reach markets - near and far, big and large, urban and remote. With the highest levels of visibility, control, and timeliness every step of the way.

Why Maersk

Outsourcing your automotive supply chain can be a process that involves less control, reliability and visibility. And it is something that can make you question the most vital value sets of automotive supply chain - cost and time.

That said, when you partner with Maersk, you can rest assured that we go all the way to ensuring that you enjoy the joint capabilities of both; both the planning and control of your automotive supply chain. Together, they will lead you to take faster decisions and reduce costs.

Accompany us on our journey to become the global integrator of container logistics. And enjoy a connected, simplified and an integrated end-to-end supply chain experience. Our people, processes, network, and technology are joining us too. For you.

An always-on supply chain to get the auto business going.

Minimise expedition costs with quicker and better decision making.

Key enablers which we build your supply chain solutions around


From sourcing to the last-mile delivery, get industry-leading reliability for a just-in-time supply chain.

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Leverage our supply chain management expertise, tailored specifically for the automotive industry.
Visibility, Innovation and Technology
Maersk fuels your growth with sophisticated technology, digital enhancements and end-to-end visibility.
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Cost efficiency
Right cost-containment measures can help in building the most efficient supply chain.
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Let our experience in building sustainable supply chains enable your strategy.

Keeping pace with the opportunities

In 2020 Vega Innovations made headlines in the automotive industry with their first-ever electric supercar - the Vega EVX. After rave reviews in popular journals, Vega EVX was ready for her global showcase at the prestigious Geneva International Motor Show.

Read more to know how our customised car logistics solutions raced against time to deliver the supercar for her great unveil.

Maersk brings the Vega electric car to the Geneva Motor Show

Fast and cost-efficient can be eco-friendly too

For thousands of components to flow smoothly, a seamless network of transportation needs to be in place. At Maersk, we help you transport automotive parts from across the world on time and as planned via our wide range of intermodal solutions. Our Intercontinental Rail solutions is an example of how we do this for you by tackling all the disruptions that lie between Asia and Europe.

ICR case study

We can drive the momentum together

The reorganisation of the automotive sector is almost inevitable. To adjust to these changes, manufacturers will have to find new ways of reducing redundancies.

Maersk Supply Chain Management solutions have been helping companies achieve all this and much more through agile, scalable and sustainable processes and a global network of products and experts. This is why an increasing number of companies are selecting us as their logistics partner.

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